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Team JICA in Action

JICA respects our partners being self-reliant, and focuses on human resource development and developing robust and reliable systems in health sector as well as other sectors. Our cooperation based on these philosophies has been contributing to building more resilient societies towards Post-COVID 19.

Regions Countries Projects & Programs Issues
Asia, Africa, Latin America Mongolia, El Salvador, Viet Nam, Ghana, Timor-Leste A Future of Protecting Lives from the Pandemic: The Role of JICA's Initiative for Global Health and Medicine Health
Asia, Africa India, Niger Initiatives in India and Niger Focus on Improved Hygiene: It Starts with Handwashing. Health
Asia Viet Nam Supports for socially vulnerable people by preventing COVID-19 infections Health
Asia Viet Nam JICA Continues its Support to the Fight against COVID-19 in Vietnam Health
Asia Thailand Supporting children with special needs and their families in isolation amidst COVID-19: Workshops held connecting Thailand and eight ASEAN countries Social Security
Middle East Egypt Emergency Support for Measures Against COVID-19 Infection in Egypt - Providing Ultrasound System and Flow cytometer to Suez Canal University Hospital - Health
Asia Timor-Leste Handover Ceremony: Equipment for vaccine transportation against COVID-19 Health
Asia, Africa Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa Intense Discussions Among Doctors, Nurses and Administrative Officials Working on the Front Lines of COVID-19 Response Health
Europe Ukraine Online seminars on "Japan's Advanced Municipal Solid Waste Management" Environmental Management
Africa Guinea Emergency Support for COVID-19 Infection Control Measure in Guinea - Provision of Water Treatment Chemicals to the Water Service Provider - Water Resources
Africa Mozambique Donation for COVID19 prevention material to Centro de recursos de educação inclusiva - Eduardo Mondlane "CREIEM" where JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) worked. Health
Asia Bhutan "We are One" we can go forward together Education
Middle East Egypt Emergency Support for Measures Against COVID-19 Infection in Egypt - Providing Bronchoscopes and Ultrasound Equipment to Ain Shams University Hospital - Health
Asia Indonesia Online Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) is held Health
Asia Indonesia JICA Provides Medical Equipment to Support Maternal and Child Health Services and for Health Officers in Indonesia Health
Asia, Middle East Myanmar, Laos, Egypt Don't stop the education for children in developing countries: Despite temporarily returning to Japan, experts struggle to continue projects remotely Education
Asia Philippines Signing of Japanese ODA Loan Agreement: Contributing to immediate recovery from disasters, together with strengthening preparedness for natural and health-related emergencies Disaster Risk Reduction
Asia Philippines JICA, Japanese non-profit group ACTION supply hygiene kits to child care facilities in Philippines during pandemic Health
Africa South Sudan COVID-19 Emergency Support to the Water Sector in South Sudan - Provision of Water Treatment Chemicals and Fuel for Generator to the Water Service Provider - Water Resources
Middle East Palestine Chlorine Procurement for Water Supply in Palestine by JICA Urgent Support "Safe water supply for citizens under the COVID-19 emergency" Water Resources
Africa Sudan Emergency Support for COVID-19 Infection Control Measure in Sudan - Provision of Chlorine for Water Sterilization to Water Facilities for Continuous Safe Water Supply - Water Resources
Asia Bangladesh JICA Supports the Local Production of Safe PPE for Health Workers Health
Asia Tajikistan Continuing Supply of Disinfected Safe Water throughout Tajikistan - Assistance for Measures to Combat COVID-19 under the Project for Strengthening the Water Service Management of Pyanj and Khamadoni Vodokanals - Water Resources
Africa Kenya COVID-19 Emergency Support to The Water Sector in Kenya - Provision of Water Treatment Chemicals to Nine Water Service Providers - Water Resources
Asia, Middle East Malaysia, Palestine Easing people's anxiety and protecting people's daily lives Disaster Risk Reduction, Environmental Management
Asia Laos JICA's Contribution to Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing, Diagnosis Capacities in Laos Health
Asia Laos The Hospital Taking COVID-19 Lessons From SARS Era With JICA Health
Asia Nepal, Bhutan Sharing knowledge via online platforms and utilizing networks to overcome the crisis across borders Health, Environmental Management
Africa Kenya Ventilator development at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Health, ICT
Africa, Middle East Uganda, Egypt Knowledge leads to action at scenes of emergencies Health
Asia Cambodia Maintaining learning opportunities for children: Japan and its private companies play a crucial role in the global expansion of online learning Education
Africa Ghana Knowledge and experience effectively being applied at Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research Health
Latin America Brazil Clinical Conference on COVID-19 Cases Health
Africa Zambia Project for Surveillance of Viral Zoonoses in Africa (SATREPS) Health
Africa Madagascar A collaboration between JOCV and a popular singer has been raising awareness of proper handwashing Health, Education
Asia Malaysia Responding to COVID-19: MJIIT takes on the virus Health, Disaster Risk Reduction
Africa Ghana Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research Health