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The future of Japan-India Cooperation in the post COVID-19 era - JICA President KITAOKA Shinichi had a dialogue with Mr. T.K.A. Nair, former advisor to the Prime Minister of India -

August 24, 2020

On Aug. 24, JICA President KITAOKA Shinichi held an online meeting with the managing trustee of Citizens India Foundation, Mr. Thottuvelil Krishna Pilla Aiyappankutty Nair, who formerly served as advisor to the prime minister of India. Mr. Nair has been one of the members of JICA's International Advisory Board (IAB) since 2018.

Dr. Kitaoka underscored that the COVID-19 pandemic may go down in history as an event of immense historical importance, and noted that JICA has started a study of the role of international cooperation in the post-COVID-19 world. He also said that JICA is accelerating international cooperation in the health and medical sector. Furthermore, he addressed the importance of daily hygiene, such as washing hands and wearing facemasks, and the improvement of sanitation facilities so that people can prevent infection.

At the outset Mr. Nair thanked Dr. Kitaoka for sharing his appreciation of Indo-Japanese cooperation and the significant role JICA has been playing in strengthening it. Mr. Nair also said, so far JICA has been very supportive of efforts to strengthen physical infrastructure. He recalled the dedicated Freight Corridor project and the two Industrial Corridor projects which were coming up with JICA's involvement. Mr. Nair greatly appreciated Dr. Kitaoka's initiative for giving priority for health sector related projects in the context of pandemic corona virus. He suggested for consideration of JICA, the possibility of promoting Indo-Japanese collaborative projects in third countries. He also added that in consultation with Indian health authorities JICA could support Health sector projects in the backward areas of India where Health Infrastructure is poor.

JICA will continue to aim at minimizing the damage of COVID-19 to developing countries, while making every possible effort to ensure the safety of all persons, and will continue to seek the relevant international cooperation in the post-COVID-19 world.