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Online Course on “Seven Chapters on Japanese Modernization” started and Follow up webinar held

JICA and the Open University of Japan jointly produced a video learning series titled "Seven Chapters on Japanese Modernization" which began to be broadcast from 2019.

From March 2021, the online learning program based on the same video series has become available for JICA scholars and more than 90 JICA scholars have completed it as the first batch of participants.

Following the completion of the online course by JICA scholars, JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development conducted a follow up webinar with them and actively discussed Japanese modernization and its relevance to their countries.

Ms. Ravini Karunarathne, who is from Sri Lanka and taking her Master's course at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) made a point about Japanese education, which was the theme in Chapter 5: 'Tsuda Umeko and many scholars such as her studied abroad, learned something new, came back and converted their learning into the local knowledge and the knowledge was quickly dispersed positively among the public.' Ms. Karunarathne has recently finished her research on 'Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policies of Japan: Lessons for Sri Lanka', and we look forward to her success as she goes back to her home country and converts the acquired knowledge in her country.


Mr. Diakite, Adama Mery, who is a Foreign Affairs advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, received his Master's degree from the International University of Japan (IUJ), went back to his home country Mali this spring also joined the webinar. According to him, 'these exchanges make it possible to share different points of view on the experience of modernization in Japan, which I consider to be largely relevant. The issue that remains is how to adapt this modernization to our local context. We as participants can simply draw inspirations from these experiences to solve small problems.'
Participants from Myanmar also joined and actively exchanged their ideas and views.

The Open University of Japan said: "The addition of the online program of the learning program to the jointly produced video learning series of JICA scholars is of great significance to our university as well. We hope that the content will continue to benefit many JICA scholars and their home countries' development."