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August 25, 2021

JICA Chair Lecture Series held in University of Rwanda


Title: JICA Chair Lecture Series held in University of Rwanda
Date: 16th June 2021 (Opening Ceremony), 30th June 2021 (1st Lecture), 25th August2021 (2nd Lecture)
Sponsors: University of Rwanda, JICA Rwanda office
Location: University of Rwanda/ONLINE

Moderators and panelists

Opening Ceremony;
Dr. Valentine UWAMARIYA,Minister of Education in Rwanda
Amb.Charles MURIGANDE,Former Ambassador of Embassy of Rwanda in Japan
Amb.Mr.Ernest RWAMUCYO,Current Ambassador of Embassy of Rwanda in Japan
Dr. Alexandre LYAMBABAJE,Vice President of University of Rwanda
Amb.IMAI Masahiro,Ambassador of Embassy of Japan in Rwanda
Mr. MARUO Shin,Chief Representative of JICA Rwanda Office

Video Messege from;
Dr.KITAOKA Shinichi,President of JICA

(1st Lecture) Prof.KATO Hiroshi,International University of Japan
(2nd Lecture) Prof.KUROIWA Ikuo,University of Niigata Prefecture

Primary objectives and outcomes

JICA launched the “JICA Development Studies Program ”in 2018, in cooperation with various universities in Japan, with an aim to develop future leaders of developing counties.
In order to expand the opportunities of such Japanese studies in partner countries as well, JICA started the “JICA Chair (JICA Program for Japanese studies)” in collaboration with leading universities in partner countries.
Following a meeting between Rwandan President Kagame and JICA President Kitaoka in 2019, lecture series of JICA Chair Program in Rwanda were held at University of Rwanda and through online. The lectures aimed to foster next leaders who can contribute to development of Rwanda by sharing Japan’s development experiences.

Content of the discussions

On 16th June 2021, JICA Chair Opening Event was held at University of Rwanda. Following the Opening remarks by Vice President of University of Rwanda, Amb. Murigande gave a warm speech with touched on the importance to learn from the history of the development of Japan. After that, JICA President Kitaoka expressed his expectation through his video message that this occasion will provide mutual understanding between both and learn from development experiences of each other. Amb. Rwamucho and Amb. Imai showed their expectations for contribution of human resource development by this program. At the end of the ceremony, His excellency Dr.Uwamariya declared an opening of this lecture series.

On 30th June, in first lecture of Rwanda JICA Chair, Dr. Kato from International University of Japan gave a special lecture entitled "Economic development in Asia and Africa and Japan’s Contribution through its Official Development Assistance". He gave some information about the characteristics and the mindset of Japanese ODA, and its history through his lecture and how to utilize this for future development of Rwanda. After the lecture, there was a lively discussion and Q&A session with the participants.

In the second lecture on 25th of August, Dr.Kuroiwa from University of Niigata Prefecture delivered the lecture "Industrial policy and development in East Asia and Global value chain (GVC)-led development strategy and its applicability in Africa".The participants were highly interested in the industrial development in East Asia and had a lively discussion of what Rwanda can learn from it. Most participants showed high satisfaction and the lectures closed with a request of next session by University of Rwanda. JICA will continuously cooperate to provide lectrures about Japanese Studies with the university for the contribution of the development of Rwanda.





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