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  • Opportunities to Accelerate Industrialization and Trade in Africa: Africa Kaizen Annual Conference 2021was organized by JICA and NEPAD.


August 26, 2021

Opportunities to Accelerate Industrialization and Trade in Africa: Africa Kaizen Annual Conference 2021was organized by JICA and NEPAD.


Date: 24-26 August, 2021
Organizers: JICA, AUDA-NEPAD, Ministry of Industry and Trade in Tanzania
Location: Hybrid Conference of online and onsite event in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Main participants

Hon. William Tate, Deputy Minister of Prime Minister Office, Tanzania
Hon. Omar Said Shaaban, Minister of Trade and Industrial Development (Zanzibar), Tanzania
Mr. Shinich GOTO, Ambassador of Japan to Tanzania
Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki, CEO of AUDA-NEPAD
Mrs. Ron Osman Omar, Senior Policy Officer/Industry, Africa Union Committee (AUC)
Ms. Keiko SANO, Director General, Economic Development Department, JICA
Mr. Getahun Tadesse Mekonen, Certificate Principal of Kaizen Consultant, Ethiopia
More than 770 participants from KAIZEN promotion institute and related organizations for 3days.

Objectives of Africa Kaizen Annual Conference

AKAC2021 aims to promote and upgrade Kaizen/QPI in African countries through the following activities:

a. mutually learning the know-how and practical experiences of Kaizen/QPI and other business support activities in Africa and the rest of the world;
b. strengthening and expanding the network among Kaizen/QPI practitioners, promoters, and researchers at the global level; and
c. comprehending and conveying key messages from Kaizen/QPI and business promoters and practitioners to African heads of states, policymakers, and business communities.

Contents of Discussions

photoSpeech of Mr. William Tate, Deputy Minister of Prime Minister Office (onsite)
photoSpeech of Mr. William Tate, Deputy Minister of Prime Minister Office (online)
photoDr. Ibrahim Mayaki, CEO of AUDA-NEPAD (online)

Day 1: 24th August
We focused on the policy implications of Kaizen/QPI and regional integration toward industrialization.

In panel discussion, the theme "How to strengthen the competitiveness of African firms and Businesses in the global economy, and the roles of stakeholder in changing environment" was discussed. the root causes of the lagging competitiveness of African firms in the global economy was considered and concrete solutions that can be put in place to remedy this situation was found out.

Day 2: 25th August
We focused on Kaizen/QPI good practices and the start-up of new business by private firms and public offices.

Tanzanian government showed the presentation on "Kaizen service provision to industrial cluster (KAIZEN x Cluster)" as Tanzanian model. The cluster development approach has been promoted in Tanzania as a pathway to industrialization. And KAIZEN is meaningful to individual firms so that moving forward, the dissemination of the KAIZEN concept and KAIZEN implementation can be enhanced using an industrial cluster framework.

In panel discussion by Business owners, good practices for Kaizen/QPI, the start-up of new business and innovative approach were introduced. Broader context of Kaizen encompassing the capabilities of firms in marketing, financial management and innovation was discussed.

Award ceremony for the Africa Kaizen Award 2021 was held.

From 16 companies of 9 countries, following countries were awarded.

Large-scale organization:
(Outstanding Award) Horizon Addis Tire Manufacturing P.L.C / Ethiopia
(Excellent Award) CONTACT SARL / Tunisia

Small and Medium organization:
(Outstanding Award) Tuniso Française de Production / Tunisia
(Excellent Award) Froid des Mascareignes Limited / Mauritius
(Excellent Award) Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency (EPSA) Hawassa Branch / Ethiopia

Day 3: 26th August
Sessions were for Kaizen/ QPI-promoting institutes and stakeholders of the Africa Kaizen Initiative (AKI) for its Action Plan.

A book as a product of research about QPI/Kaizen activities in Africa, published by JICA Ogata Research Institute, was introduced. That report is focusing closely on AKI, as a part of research project on the "Japanese Experience of Industrial Development and Development Cooperation: Analysis of Translative Adaption Processes"

5 working groups established to work on cross-cutting issues concerning AKI-AP 2021-2025 shared the progress and possible linkages with business development services and start-up support as a way forward.


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