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September 16, 2021

[Philippines - Mindanao] Bangsamoro Idea Challenge


Name of meeting: Bangsamoro Idea Challenge
Date: 16 September 2021
Sponsors: JICA/Ministry of the Interior and Local Government-BARMM
Location: Online

Moderators and panelists

- Representatives from relevant BARMM ministries
- JICA(Peacebuilding Office/Philippines Office/Experts)
- Consultant: IC Net Limited

Primary objectives and outcomes

In March 2014, the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro was signed between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the aftermath of decades of conflict. Based on the agreement, transition to a new autonomous government and normalization process have been underway. The Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) was inaugurated in February 2019. It is crucial for the stability of BARMM that BTA provides administrative services without delay in order to push forward with the peace process.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, JICA and MILG in August 2020 conducted a joint survey to assess impact of COVID-19 in BARMM region. It revealed that the 67% of the people in BARMM felt difficulty in accessing administrative services, while the 87% of officials of BTA had difficulty in grasping people's basic necessities and emergency needs.

Against this background, JICA started "Data Collection Survey on Community Development Responding to Needs and Challenges of Communities in Bangsamoro" in March 2021, which aims to conduct needs survey by utilizing big data analysis to identify important issues as well as to call for innovative ideas responding to such issues and to implement pilot activities.

Content of the discussions

photoCertificate (JICA Best Award)
photoCertificate (MILG Best Award)

As a result of widely calling for innovative ideas online and via SNS to promote people's public involvement, total of 41 ideas were submitted. Then, JICA and MILG (Ministry of the Interior and Local Government) selected five winners of the Prize based on agreed-upon criteria, such as innovativeness, feasibility, targeted issues and beneficiaries. In this pitch event, each five awardee gave a fantastic presentation, which was followed by insightful comments and acute questions by BTA officials.

Followings are the awarded five ideas.
- Garbage Recycle Project(MILG Best Idea Award)
- Bangsamoro Community Law Clinic (JICA Best Idea Award)
- Floating Academy (JICA/MILG Award)
- MFC: Battle against the Mininfodemic (JICA Award)
- Weaving Every Dream of Sama Dilaut in Tawi-Tawi (MILG Award)

JICA Best Award was given to "Bangsamoro Community Law Clinic", which aims to establish law clinic in each community where free legal advice from pro-bono legal professionals is provided. This system can help enhance access to justice, including for disadvantaged and vulnerable people; thus inclusivity will be promoted in the community.
In a difficult moment with COVID-19, flexible and unconventional ideas are essential to responding to newly emerging challenges. It is expected that this event contributed to policy formulation by BTA officials.

For many years, JICA has been supporting the peace process between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
With hope for the future of all the people in Mindanao and their peaceful lives, JICA will continue providing assistance toward the establishment of a Bangsamoro autonomous Government as well as peace and stability in Mindanao.

photoOpening Remarks by MILG Representative

photoFive awardees gave fantastic presentations in front of JICA and MILG

photoEach presenter sincerely answered questions from BTA officials


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