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  • Series of Webinar on "Research & Development on Arid Land Agriculture in Iran and Japan" was successfully implemented !


November 29, 2021

Series of Webinar on "Research & Development on Arid Land Agriculture in Iran and Japan" was successfully implemented !


In Iran, where most of the land is in either arid or semi-arid areas, drought and water shortages are becoming serious problems as a result of climate change. Drying and desertification are beyond the framework of a country and must be considered as global issues that needs to be addressed not just by Iran but also its surrounding areas.

There are high expectations for Japan's support and cooperation in this field. So, it is necessary to get to know the Japan's efforts to address the arid areas and consider what can be done for the future. From such background, JICA Iran office in collaboration with Tottori University Arid Land Research Center (ALRC), held 5 series Webinars with the theme "RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT ON ARID LAND AGRICULTURE " for the Ministry of Agriculture in Iran.

Challenging the Global Issue! The Research activities of ALRC

photoProf.Dr. Yamanaka
photoProf.Dr. Fujimaki

Tottori University Arid Land Research Center (ALRC) is the only arid land research institute in Japan. Japan is not an arid area. However, in order to address problems such as droughts, desertification and so on, research on arid land had started by utilizing the experience that made agriculture possible through developing sand prevention technology using tree planting and still sand dunes in the Tottori Sand Dunes. Today, the center became a joint research basement of universities and research institutes around the world.

For this series webinar, 4 professors at the ALRC gave lectures on the following themes: "Introduction of the Research and Activities of Arid Land Research Center (ALRC)" "Water Productivity and Optimized Irrigation" Wheat varieties Suitable for Arid Land Breeding" "Drought Management"

The total number of the participants was nearly 364. Each seminar was received very well and the discussions took place actively under the friendly atmosphere.
The fifth one was a presentation by the Iranian side regarding the Arid Land Agriculture research and application as well as discussion for the future possible cooperation.

The Cooperation history between Iran and ALRC

photoProf.Dr. Tsujimoto

For Tottori University, Iran was the first partner country when the center started its first overseas academic research in the late 1970s, and has a lot of joint researches and joint dissertation writing on some specific themes.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture in Iran has many fellows who obtained PhD degrees from universities in Japan and some have been involved in joint research with Tottori University before.

This allowed the participants to form meaningful connections. Since both have the same mission and direction to solve global problems in arid areas beyond the framework of the country, it was found that there is potential to carry out joint research on many fields.

photoOverseas academic research in Iran in the late 1970s

Taking this seminar as an opportunity, it is expected to contribute to research and development from various angles through exchanges and information sharing between researchers.



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