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January 27, 2023

Online Seminar & Exhibition "JICA Clean City Initiative (JCCI) International Seminar 2023"

Title, Date

JICA Clean City Initiative (JCCI) International Seminar 2023
Date of Seminar: Thursday, February 2, 2023

Language of Seminar: (1) Blue Stage; Japanese, English and Spanish (simultaneous interpretation available), (2) Green Stage; Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation available)
Date of Online Exhibition: from Friday, January 27 to Friday February 3, 2023

* Presentation materials and recordings: Presentation materials (pdf) and videos will be available our website

*Registration is required to have access to presentation and abstract materials.

Organizer: JICA
Supported by: Ministry of Environment Japan (MoEJ), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center (OECC)

Seminar Outline

The "JICA Clean City Initiative (JCCI)" contributes to building a sustainable society that can realize a healthy environment and protect the health and living environment of people in partner countries by promoting environmental measures such as waste management and water and air pollution control. JCCI also enhance the transition to a Net Zero society in partner countries.

In this seminar, we invite several speakers including the Japanese central government, local governments, universities, private sector, research institutions, as well as governmental agencies of partner countries, organizations and institutions involved in development cooperation, to share examples of "clean cities" realized through support from Japan. This seminar will include discussions on science, technology, international cooperation, and sustainable development towards the realization of Net Zero societies, and sound material-cycle societies. Japanese companies‘s business pitches are presented at the Green Stage.


The seminar will be held simultaneously in the Blue Stage and the Green Stage on February 2, 2023.

[Blue Stage]

Opening, Remarks
Mr. YAMADA JUNICHI, Executive Senior Vice President, JICA
Mr. MATSUZAWA, YUTAKA, Director-General, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of Environment, Japan

Introduction: "JCCI and Cluster Strategy of JICA"
Mr. Miyazaki Akihiro, Deputy Director General, Global Environment Department, JICA

"Solutions and Strategies of Environment: Thinking about "Clean City" from the Master Plan (M/P) development"
Dr. KE SEETHA RAM, Senior Consulting Specialist for Capacity Building and Training Projects, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)
Mr. ROSHAN SHRESTHA, Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation (BMGF)
Mr. FUJII, KATSUMI, Director General, International Division, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd
Mr. MATSUOKA, HIDEAKI, Director, Environmental Management Group, Global Environment Dept., JICA)

"JCCI Initiatives and Promotion Targeting the Region."
Mr. SILVA MAGAIA, Councilor, Maputo City, Mozambique
Ms. TAKEUCHI, NAO, Human Settlements Officer (Waste Management), Urban Basic Services Section, United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)
Ms. SHIMODAIRA, CHIE, Directory, Environmental Management Group, Global Environment Dept., JICA)

"Climate Change Measures/Environmental Cooperation Using Japan's DX/Innovations, and Promotion of SDGs"
Mr. ARIMA, TAKANORI, Executive Director, Environment Bureau, City of Kitakyushu
Mr. NUMAZAKI, MASUHIRO, Director, Environmental Policy Division, Environment Department, City of Toyama
Ms. MIYATA, MAYUMI, Senior Director, Office of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Digital Transformation, Governance and Peacebuilding Dept., JICA

Closing Remarks
Mr. ONODERA SEIICHI, Senior Vice President, JICA

[Green Stage]

11:00-12:30 (JST)
"Overseas Cooperation of Japanese Science and Technologies"
Dr. TERAMINAMI, TOMOHIRO, Associate Research Supervisor, Department of International Affairs, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Dr. WAKAMATSU, SHINJI, President, Institute of Integrated Atmospheric Environment
Professor KITAWAKI, HIDETOSHI, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Toyo University

"Overseas Cooperation of Japanese Companies and Technologies"
Mr. MIZUTANI YOSHIHIRO, Director for International Cooperation for Transition to Decarbonization and Sustainable Infrastructure, Global Environment Bureau, MOEJ
Ms. OKUMOTO, YASUYO, Director, Private Sector Partnership and Finance Dept., JICA
Mr. YOKOUCHI NORIAKI, Director, Development Cooperation Department, International Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama

Introduction of products and technologies (ex. Environmental Pollution Control Technology with Climate Change Measures, Advanced Technology using DX/Innovation) by Japanese companies.
About 10 Private Companies

Background / Purpose

The JICA Global Agenda (JGA) is a business strategy in 20 thematic areas carried by JICA to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in 2030 and to realize the principles that Japan aims to achieve through development cooperation such as "human security", "quality growth" and "addressing global issues". JGA on Environmental Management is called the "JICA Clean City Initiative (JCCI)", an initiative to support capacity building of governmental organizations in partner countries to prevent environmental pollution in order to create clean cities for the healthy lives of its people by promoting environmental measures such as waste management and prevention of water and air pollution.

The JCCI international seminar is used as a platform to disseminate and share information on Japan's experiences and technologies to effectively promote "clean cities" in partner countries.


If you have any inquiries, please contact the JCCI Secretariat, Ms. Kuze and/or Mr. Hieda via email with an email title "Inquiry for JCCI event".

E-mail: jcci-secretariat@oecc.or.jp


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