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February 28, 2023

Special Advisor Dr. Kitaoka Delivers "JICA Chair Special Lecture" in Georgia


Lecture site (1): Rondeli Foundation
Title: "Recent developments of Japan's security and foreign policy,"
Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Organizer: JICA and Rondeli Foundation
Participants: Approximately 30 experts and intellectuals, including Akira Imamura, Ambassador of Japan to Georgia, President of the Ronderi Foundation, and former diplomats

Lecture site (2): Free University of Tbilisi
Title: "Recent developments of Japan's security and foreign policy,"
Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Organizer: JICA and Tbilisi Free University
Participants: 90 students with strong interest in Japan, including from neighboring universities, Management members of Free University, Professors in relevant studies

Background and Objectives

In February 2023, Dr. KITAOKA Shinichi, Special Advisor to the President (former President) of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) visited Georgia to give "JICA Chair Special Lectures" at the Ronderi Foundation and the Free University of Tbilisi in Georgia, mainly to former diplomats and other experts, intellectuals, and students.

Summary of the Special Lecture and Q &A Session

Both lectures, entitled "Recent developments of Japan's security and foreign policy," focused on Georgia, which has been affected in no small way by the war in Ukraine. The discussions showed that Georgia, which has been affected by the war in Ukraine, has a strong interest in Japan's security and foreign policy.
The Rondeli Foundation, a think tank that conducts research, analysis, and education on strategic issues in Georgia and abroad, was joined by former diplomats and other security experts and pundits for the lecture. In the question-and-answer session that followed the lecture, participants discussed what kind of security and foreign policy can be adopted to protect the security of nations and their citizens in a situation where the influence of the United Nations has been considerably reduced, the future of the war in Ukraine is unclear, and countries bordering Russia, including Georgia, are feeling a strong sense of insecurity. The participants also discussed how to protect the security of the nation and its people through security and foreign policy.

At the Free University of Tbilisi, one of the three universities in Tbilisi offering Japanese language courses, discussions were held on what Georgia should do to overcome the crisis, as Russia is losing the trust of the world, and on the influence of China, which is expanding. The discussion touched on such issues as the similarities between Georgia and Japan, both of which have large neighboring countries.

These special lectures provided an opportunity to promote understanding of Japan in Georgia and to further increase interest in the country, and the event was a great success.



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