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Press Releases

July 27, 2020

JICA and JOC conclude collaboration agreement: Strengthening contributions to international society through sports

photosigning ceremony

On July 27, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) concluded an agreement to collaborate on strengthening contributions to international society through the medium of sports. The agreement was signed by President KITAOKA Shinichi for JICA, and by President YAMASHITA Yasuhiro for the JOC.

Against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on social life around the world, the objectives of this collaborative effort are to reaffirm the fundamental value and importance of sports’ influence on the ties between people and societies, and to maximize the effect of these qualities in the interest of international cooperation.

As part of its mission of realizing Human Security, JICA is carrying out projects in Sport and Development, such as to promote the spread of sports and enhance competitiveness through Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, to support peace efforts through South Sudan’s sports tournament called “National Unity Day”, and to elevate women’s role in society through Tanzania’s track and field tournament for women called “Ladies First”..

To strengthen international relationships and contributions, the JOC enhances competitiveness based on sound integrity, develops true Olympians to serve as examples for others, and uses those efforts as the foundation for promoting a harmonious, cooperative relationship between the Olympic Movement and global society.

With conclusion of this agreement, JICA and the JOC will cooperate in supporting activities that contribute to international society through sports, including dispatch of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and promoting greater dissemination of Olympian information to developing countries.


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