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About Implementation Stage Evaluation

JICA conducts the mid-term review and terminal evaluation for ongoing projects. These are intended to study the attainability of the project purpose, contributing or impending factors of the project's implementation, as well as their respective trends in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The evaluation results will be utilized in revising the project plan and project management system, and decision-making on the termination or continuation of the project. Lessons learned from the evaluation will be used for improving similar projects in the future.

Mid-term review

The purpose of the mid-term review of Technical Cooperation projects and ODA Loan projects which have a comparatively long period of implementation is to verify the relevance of the project for a fixed term from the beginning. It also verifies and analyzes the attainability of the project goal in terms of effectiveness and efficiency as well as the project's promoting factors and obstacles and their respective trends. The results of the mid-term review are utilized to review project framework and design and they are also used to improve project management.

Terminal Evaluation

Terminal evaluation is conducted for Technical Cooperation projects about six months prior to project termination. The purpose is to verify mainly the attainability of the project goal, efficiency, and sustainability, so that JICA can draw up the project plan for the remaining period of the project with the recipient government and decide on the appropriateness of terminating the project and/or necessary follow-ups for the future, among other matters. The terminal evaluation is an evaluation and monitoring scheme that is unique to Technical Cooperation projects. This verifies the effectiveness during the project's implementation phase.


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