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SHEP Approach

Teaching Materials and PR

1. Brochure


2. Booklet

"Introduction to the Psychology of International Cooperation"


We took our on-site experiences with technical cooperation in the agriculture and rural development sector and attempted to both analyze them and translate them into explicit knowledge based on theories of psychological motivation—a critical part of the SHEP approach.

3. Teaching Materials

Only a portion of SHEP's educational materials are publically available on its website. If you would like to reference the materials presented below, please contact us individually.

SHEP Handbook for Extension Staff


This handbook is based on practical experience applying the SHEP approach to extension activities. It was made with a mind to provide those engaged in extension work with something that they can implement immediately.

SHEP Approach Guideline


Guidelines for the Implementation Process of Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment and Promotion Approach The "SHEP Approach" SHEP UP (February, 2015)


Reference Materials for Effective Agricultural Extension

This reference describes agricultural extension projects from five perspectives (sender, message, channel, recipient, and effectiveness), and follows this framework to summarize the characteristics and innovations of the SHEP approach and specific points to consider when implementing effective agricultural extension projects.

It is accompanied by Q&A and case studies on the SHEP Approach, making the report easy to use.


Materials for ToT (Training of Trainers)

ToT materials can be utilized for extension workers' trainings before they start technical training to farmers.

Kamishibai (The teaching materials for agriculture extension worker to implement SHEP for farmers.)


PhotoBehind: Detailed explanation for trainers are written.

Extension workers in Kenya SHEP are using a teaching material named "kamisibai" in Japanese, means picture-card ; each card has two side: picture on the front and text on the back. The front page consists of photos/diagrams and the back page has the teaching notes for the trainer. This teaching tool is easy to carry, water-proof laminated and easily to understand by farmers. Therefore, teaching with this tools, extension workers has confidence to teach and motivated because farmers are serious to listen to them.

4. YouTube channel

5. SHEP game App

For smartphone, Android / iOS are available at Google Play/App Store.


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