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Release of the "JICA's Initiative for Global Health and Medicine" Interim Report

To move forward from the pandemic and establish a resilient society that is prepared to combat infectious diseases, both now and into the future, JICA has promoted cooperation based on the three pillars of "Treatment", "Precaution", and "Prevention" under the "JICA's Initiative for Global Health and Medicine" launched in July 2020.

After two years of promoting the Initiative, we now release the report titled "JICA's Initiative for Global Health and Medicine Interim Report -The Two-year Response to COVID-19 and Future Prospects-" which covers the progress and major achievements that have been undertaken to date, and the direction of JICA's cooperation while bearing in mind the prevailing conditions in the post-COVID-19 world. If you are interested in JICA's cooperation in the field of health, including countermeasures against COVID-19, please refer to the reports.

JICA is dedicated to proactively promoting global health, including countermeasures against health emergencies such as COVID-19, in cooperation with various partners in and outside of Japan. The agency is ready to make further contributions to the creation of global systems that protect the health for all, at all times.


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