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Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017 Excel

Table Title Excel
Program Overview--Japan's ODA --
Table-2 Japan's ODA by Type 2016 (Provisional Figure) (Excel/46KB)
Table-3 Trends in Major DAC Countries' ODA (Net Disbursement)
Table-4 Proportion of ODA to Gross National Income of DAC Countries (2016, Provisional Figure)
Program Overview--Programs Goals and Overview--
Table-5 Scale of Operations In Fiscal 2016 (Excel/52KB)
Table-6 Operations by Type in Fiscal 2016
Table-7 Technical Cooperation expenses for the Past 10 Years
Table-8 Finance and Investment Cooperation Commitment Amounts for the Past 10 Years
Table-9 Scale of Grants for the Past 10 Years
Table-10 Composition of Assistance by Region in Fiscal 2016
Table-11 Composition of Assistance by Sector in Fiscal 2016
Table-12 Trends in Number of Personnel by Type of Cooperation (cumulative total)


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