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Connecting People and Countries, and Achieving the SDGs

TANAKA Akihiko
Japan International Cooperation Agency


The 5th Medium-term Plan
(Fiscal 2022–2026)

Launch of the Medium-term Plan for the Next Five Years

JICA Global Agenda

Mobilizing a Wider Range of Resources to
Tackle Global Issues

JICA’s Development Activities

Six Pillars of Operations in Fiscal 2022


Based on analysis of the varying conditions and the needs of these countries and regions, and the aim for achieving human security and quality growth in them, JICA strategically formulates and implements programs while factoring in the Japanese government’s policies and commitments as well as its available cooperation modes and budgetary allocations.


Universities and Research Institutions

Jointly Creating Knowledge and Fostering Future Leaders

Private Sector

Supporting Economic and Social Development through Private-Sector Business Activities

Foreign Human Resources

Achieving a Prosperous Society Where We Live Together

Civil Society

For Attentive Cooperation by Various Actors

JICA Annual Report 2022