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Director Kitano Introduces SDGs Efforts at German-Japanese Young Leaders Forum 2017

September 13, 2017

Directer Kitano introduced JICA's efforts towards achieving SDGs

Naohiro Kitano, Director of JICA Research Institute, spoke at a symposium at the German-Japanese Young Leaders Forum 2017 held on August 25.

The forum started in 2006 by the Japanese-German Center Berlin (jdzb) to promote exchange of young leaders between Japan and Germany. This year it was held on August 18–27 in Tokyo, under the theme "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)." On August 25, the jdzb and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) co-hosted a public symposium titled "Implementation of the Agenda 2030 - Financial, Economic and Political Challenges." Kitano and Suryo Ariyanto Nugroho, Research Associate at ADBI, spoke in the session"Aspects of Financing Sustainable Development Goals" at the symposium.

Kitano's presentation was titled "East Asian Development Finance toward Achieving SDGs," wherein he pointed out the investment gap in key SDG sectors for SDGs, explained the trends in Korean and Chinese foreign aid, and talked about how these countries applied SDGs to their national policies. He also introduced the SDGs policies by the Japanese government and JICA's efforts towards achieving SDGs.

Kitano's specific examples of JICA's efforts towards achieving SDGs included: the polio eradication campaign in Pakistan, a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for goal 3—Good Health and Well-being; establishing the Master Plan for the Northern Economic Corridor, with Mombasa Port in Kenya as an international hub port connecting East African states, for goal 8—Decent Work And Economic Growth; and support for the construction of Delhi Metro in India, to which he referred as an example of quality infrastructure, for goal 9—Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. After the presentation, Kitano took questions from the audience and an active exchange of opinions followed.

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