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Activities in Jordan

JICA's Cooperation in Jordan

On the basis of Jordan's stage of development and as a result of policy dialogues between Japan and Jordan, the new JICA has extended its cooperation in the following areas in order to meet Jordan's needs and enhance Jordan's human resource capacity.

  1. Improvement of Social and Economic Infrastructure and related Human Capacity for Self-reliant and Sustainable Economic Development
  2. Alleviation of Social Gaps
  3. Regional Cooperation

1. Improvement of Social and Economic Infrastructure and Related Human Capacity for Self-reliant and Sustainable Economic Development

(1) Developing infrastructure for enhancing Jordan's competitive sector, henceforce, to generate further source or income.

Japanese ODA Loans
Tourism Sector Development Project

  • Date of Loan Agreement: 1999-12-02
  • Amount of Loan (Millions; JPY): 7,199
  • Project Purpose: The project aims to improve the tourism infrastructure, making tourism resources more amicable and attractive to tourists, thereby strengthening Jordan's capacity to earn necessary foreign currency. The project consists of six sub-projects: the Amman Downtown Tourist Zone, National Museum, the Dead Sea Parkway, the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex, Karak Tourism Development, and Historic Old Salt Development.

(2) Human Resource Development for Industry and Employment Development This program aims to reduce high unemployment rate to promote economic development in Jordan.

Technical Cooperation
Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Training Management of VTC ( Vocational Training Center)

  • Duration : 11/2006-11/2010
  • Project Purpose : To establish an efficient VTC's operational model to ensure the training course to be in tune with labor market requirements.
  • Overall Goal : VTC headquarters and some of its training centers are properly managed and operated based on the VTC's operational model

Technical Cooperation
Project for Tourism Development through Museum Activities

  • Duration : 12/2004-12/2007
  • Project Purpose : The Model Museums, which were built by the Japanese ODA loan, to be properly displayed, operated and maintained in an autonomous, sustainable and self reliant manner
  • Overall Goal : Tourism in the neighboring areas of the Model Museums to be promoted through developing the Model Museums as attractive tourism resources

Machine Tools, Welding, System Engineering, School Management, Electric Engineering, Casting and Tooling for Foundry, Maintenance Management System / KAIZEN, Quality Management System

(3) Effective Use of Limited Water Resources and Capacity Development for Environmental Management This program aims to effectively and impartially utilize limited water resources as Jordan is under the situation where water resource is extremely insufficient.

Technical Cooperation
Capacity Development Project for Non Revenue Water Reduction in Jordan

  • Duration : 8/2006-8/2008
  • Project Purpose : Capacity Development of Water Authority of Jordan on Non-Revenue Water reduction measures.
  • Overall Goal : To reduce Non-Revenue Water of Water Authority of Jordan.

Grant Aid
JICA has conducted a Basic Design Study and expedites the following project;
The Project for Improvement of the Water Supply for the Zarqa District

  • Project Purpose : To reduce water losses in the network and increase net water supply by distributing water at appropriate pressures.

To attain equitable (fair) water supply by managing water distribution appropriately.

  • Overall Goal : To improve living conditions of the residents in the target area through improvement of the water supply services.

Photography, Ecological Research

2. Alleviation of Social Gaps

(1) Provision of Quality Education and Reduction of Regional Gaps for Education This program is to provide more opportunities for good quality education to people living under poverty line in rural areas in Jordan.

Technical Cooperation
Project on "Capacity Development of Learning Resources Centers (LRCs) for Science Education Utilizing ICT"

  • Duration : 3/2006-3/2009
  • Project Purpose : Queen Rannia Education Technology Center (QRC) and LRCs function as the centers to develop the capacities of teachers in science education utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Lab. Activities.
  • Overall Goal : Teachers of basic education conduct effective teaching method of science which is student-centered by utilizing ICT and Lab. activity.

Japanese ODA Loans
Second Human Resources Development Sector Investment Project

System Engineering, Japanese Language Instructor, Science and Math Education, Kindergarten Education

  • Date of Loan Agreement : 1997-07-30
  • Amount of Loan (Millions; JPY): 7,123
  • Project Purpose : The project aims to extend the achievements under the first phase(to improve the educational program, strengthen educational institutions, and improve school facilities and equipment mainly for basic education) and also to improve technical/vocational education. The loan was utilized for construction of school buildings, purchase of equipment and furniture, provision of consulting services in order to provide the technical/vocational training that meets the current technical standards. This project was expected to help raising the skill level of the labor force through up-to-date training curricula based on market needs research, and as a result, improve the prospects of Jordan's foreign currency earnings.

(2) Reduction of Gender Gaps

This program aims at providing better reproductive health services to the families in Jordan.

Technical Cooperation
Integrating Health and Empowerment of Women in the South Region Project

  • Duration : 9/2006-9/2011
  • Project Purpose : To create Jordan's better policy environment of reproductive health by incorporating recommendation from the project's activities in the south region.
  • Overall Goal : To improve women's reproductive health in Jordan.

Midwifery, Nursing, Community Development

(3) Assistance to Persons with Disabilities

This program aims at improving life of persons with disabilities in poverty areas.

Nursing of Disabled Persons, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy

Expert for Support of Disabilities

(4) Improvement of Livelihood in the Palestinian Refugee Camps

This program aims to improve livelihood of people in the camps.
Vocational Training Expert for Refugees in Women

  • Duration : 1/2006-1/2008
  • Project Purpose : To increase ratio of working women in the target camps Overall Goal : To enhance and stabilize the socioeconomic situation in refugee camps.

3. Regional Cooperation

This Program aims at supporting socio-economic development of the countries in the Region and eventually, furthering Jordan's position as a donor country and entering a new stage of relationship between the two countries. Third Country Training Program

(1) Assistance to Palestine

  1. Financial and Administrative Training for Palestinians
  2. Judicial and Legal Training for Palestinians
  3. Capacity Building of Human Resources Development in Agriculture Sector for Palestinians
  4. Fire Fighting and Rescue Techniques for Palestine
  5. Capacity Building in Water Resource Management for Palestinians

Regional Cooperation in Arab Region

  1. Electric Training for Yemen
  2. Advocating for Gender and Reproductive Health

(2) Assistance to Iraqis

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