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About JICA Alumni Society of Maldives

JICA Alumni Society of Maldives (JICA-ASM) is an NGO of JICA training ex-participant, who have undergone training in Japan under Technical Cooperation Programmes of Japan International Cooperation Agency, Government of Japan & it's the first Alumni Society of Maldives

The founding and establishment of the JICA-ASM was conceptualized in 2003 through the efforts of a group of administrators and academicians from various government Ministries

The JICA-ASM was formally organized in 15th February 2005. This was the year when the Constitution and by-laws of JICA-ASM was crafted by a group of ex-JICA participants mostly lawyers and officials coming from various government agencies, From its original membership of less than 4 in 2003, JICA-ASM continued to grow to its present membership of 400 + and it tries to keep close interaction among members by organising a wide spectrum of activities such as Seminars, workshops, cultural programmes, excursion trips and annual get-together

Over the years since then, more than 580 Maldivians have participated in JICA training programmes to upgrade themselves by learning from and with their counterparts in Japan. Many have returned with fond memories, not only of the improvements on their professional skills, but also of the personal friendship they have acquired during their training stint in Japan, both among their Japanese hosts as well as among other foreign participants.

The mission of this society is to assist toward the maintenance and development of the friendship among citizens of Japan and the Maldives by the establishment of permanent contacts between organizations as they are JICA and the others in Japan by information interchange, maintaining mutual friendship relations and cooperation among JICA Alumni Associations throughout the world. Their decisive characters are permission of both development and maintenance of the mutual friendship and special - social relations among the JICA Alumni members as well as broader space creation for cooperation among organizations and citizens of the Maldives and Japan as well as those who studied in both countries too.

Membership has increased and there is more deepening friendship amongst Association members through the Executive Committee's efforts to diversify its activities.

All ex-participants are to be eligible for membership in countries where an alumni association has already been established. Those who have been home from Japan for a long period of time or those who just returned home are especially recommended to apply for membership in the alumni association.


Through the years, JICA Alumni Society of Maldives has been undertaking the following activities to attain its objectives.

To contribute towards fostering good relations between Maldives and Japan
To promote exchange of information between or establish cultural, scientific and linguistic links with similar societies or associations in other countries having similar links with JICA
Annual Get-together & Excursion Trips
Participation in activities like seminars, conference, scholarships and exchange programs
Organizing the Annual General Meetings
Organizing the Regular Meetings of Executive Committee Members
Publishing Annual Newsletters
Maintaining JICA-Ex trainees Directory Annually
Organizing Technical Seminars, Workshops
Organizing yearly Tree planting campaigns for environmental awareness
Organizing the Blood Donation programs
Supporting JICA Maldives office in Pre-departure Orientation Programs for participants leave for Japan for training courses.

Publications / Newsletters:

Contact Us:
JICA Alumni Society of Maldives (JICA-ASM)

P.O Box 2176,
Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male', 20026 Maldives
Tel: + (960) 3342593, 7772409, 9733030, 7783935 Fax+ (960) 3312595
URL: http://www.jicaasm.com
info@jicaasm.com / hussainziyad@gmail.com


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