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March 2, 2021

Donation for COVID19 prevention material to Centro de recursos de educação inclusiva - Eduardo Mondlane "CREIEM" where Mr.Hachimitsu Fukunishi (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) worked.

JICA volunteer Mr. Hachimitsu Fukunishi was teaching physical education at the School "CREIEM", until March 2020 when the COVID19 Pandemic started. The volunteer knowing the needs of his students obtained help in the form of protective products against COVID19, such as Masks, thermometers, visors, bleach, alcohol and others.

At CREIEM, half of the students have some kind of disability. Several students with disabilities suffer from chronic illnesses, which can be severe situation when infected by COVID19. In addition, about half of all students live in dormitories, and if the COVID19 infection occurs in the school, quarantine measures are difficult and there is a concern about cluster. We would like all students to have access to these items, take correct preventive measures, and thoroughly implement infection control measures in the school to create an environment where they can study with peace of mind.

PhotoWhen receiving COVID19 prevention items

PhotoFukunishi's colleague is holding a non-contact thermometer. Body temperature will be measured before entering the school and classroom.

PhotoA photograph of each item before transportation from JICA Mozambique office


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