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Activities in Papua New Guinea

The Project for the Improvement of Planning and Operation of Power System

PhotoInvestigating KONEDOBU substation

PhotoHands on experience about substation maintenance

1. Introduction & Background

Electricity access is the key to the socio-economic growth of the country. However, currently only 13% of its population has reliable access to electricity in PNG. The Government of PNG is trying to achieve that 70% of households get electricity access in accordance with PNG Development Strategic Plan 2030. To address this development challenge, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States joined together and signed to Papua New Guinea Electrification Partnership (PEP) joint statement in late 2018 in support of Papua New Guinea's objectives for electrification.

Taking into consideration and the prospects that electricity will be improved under PEP, it is highly important to improve the reliability of electricity. Given the above background, this Technical Cooperation Project was set up to support enhancing reliable power supply and also contribute to PNG electrification. The purpose of this project is to ensure PNG Power Limited can properly implement system planning for the transmission line, and the maintenance for the transmission line and substations by enhancing their capacity to know- how and be able undertake system planning and maintenance on its own.

2. Basic Information


  • JICA Cooperation Scheme: Technical Cooperation
  • Target Development Sector: Power
  • Target SDGs: Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Counterpart Organization: PNG Power Limited as Executing Agency (E/A)
    Website: https://www.pngpower.com.pg/ (external link)
  • Duration: March/2022 - March/2025
  • Amount: PGK 9.5 million
  • Target Provinces: PNG Nation Wide
  • Gender: Gender is highly considered in this project. Number of females involved in this project by undertaking necessary trainings.

3. Outline of Project

  • Project purpose
    The project purpose is that PNG Power Limited (PPL) can properly implement system planning for the transmission line, and maintenance for transmission line and substations on its own. The specific indicators as below mentioned
    1. Revised system investment planning is proposed by PPL based on simulation and financial and economic analysis.
    2. The maintenance for transmission line and substations, and asset management is regularly implemented.
    3. The setting for protection coordination is regularly confirmed.
  • Overall goal
    The quality and reliability of electricity is improved
  • Outputs
    1. Capacity of system planning for the transmission line is improved
    2. Capacity of maintenance for transmission line and substations is improved
    3. Capacity of protection coordination is improved.

4. Environmental and Social Considerations (including Gender perspectives)

No impacts on the environment and people

5. More information (Ex. Brochure)

PhotoPPL officials undertaking theory sessions.

PhotoPPL officials undertaking theory sessions.


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