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Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Tajikistan

JICA began its technical cooperation with Tajikistan in 1993 by inviting Tajik officials to gain knowledge and experience on governance and macroeconomics development. This was very important for promoting peace and stability in the country. And JICA Office was established in 2006 as a branch office of JICA Uzbekistan Office, and since then various Grant Financial Assistance and Technical Cooperation projects have been implemented more dynamically, aiming at improving living standard of Tajik people for the sectors such as agriculture and rural development, water supply, health, transport, etc. JICA also dispatches Senior Volunteers teaching Japanese languages in universities in Tajikistan.

At the end of March 2016, the total number of participants to JICA's Knowledge Co-Creation Programs, formerly called the Training Programs, has exceeded 2000 people. The ex-participants are real treasure not only for JICA but for Tajikistan, discussing further development of Tajikistan and cooperation with JICA to realize it in the activities of JICA Alumni Association.

In January 2017, JICA Tajikistan Office celebrated its 10th anniversary since establishment and became a full-scale office. JICA's priority areas and Cooperation Programs with the Government of Tajikistan are as follows;

[Priority area] Regional Development

  • Improvement of Water Supply Program
  • Maternal and Child Health Program
  • Program for Poverty Reduction by Agricultural and industrial Development

[Priority area] Economic Infrastructure

  • Energy Program
  • Transport Program

[Other areas]

  • Capacity Building Program
  • Border Control Program

According to the above priorities and programs, JICA's major completed and on-going projects in Tajikistan are the following, some of which are implemented in collaboration with UNDP, FAO, UNICEF, and other development partners:

On-going Projects:

  • Project for Livelihood Improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross-border Areas (LITACA Phase 2) (with UNDP);
  • Project for Promoting Cross-border Cooperation through Effective Management of Tajikistan's Border with Afghanistan (with UNDP);
  • Project for Improvement of Locust Management in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (with FAO);
  • Project for Improvement of Dushanbe International Airport;
  • Project for Improvement of Equipment for Road Maintenance in Sughd Region and the Eastern Part of Khatlon Region;
  • Project for Capacity Development in Air Traffic Services;
  • Project for Capacity Development for Road Disaster management;
  • Project for Improvement of Substations in Dushanbe;
  • Project for Strengthening the Water Service Management of Pyanj and Khamadoni Vodokanals;
  • Project for Human Recourses Development Scholarship;
  • Project for Improving Material and Child Health Care System in Khatlon Oblast (Phase II);
  • Project for Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System;

Completed Projects:

  • Project for Improvement of Agricultural Extension Service through Reinforcing Agrarian Organizations (2010-2013);
  • Rural Development Project in Tajik-Afghan Border Area of GBAO (2012-2015);
  • Reforestation and Forestation in Aim of Reduction of Generation of Greenhouse Gases and Lessening of Global Warming (2010-2012);
  • Study for Sustainable Medical Hearve Cultivation (2011-2014);
  • Food Security Project for Under privileged Famers (2KR) (2010-2016);
  • Project for the improvement of Drinking Water Supply in Mir Said Alii Hamadoni district of Khatlon Region (2008-2011);
  • Project for the improvement of Drinking Water Supply in Mir Said Alii Hamadoni district of Khatlon Region – Phase 2 (2011-2013);
  • Training of Operation and Management skills on Water Supply System in Khamadoni District of Khatlon Region (2013-2015);
  • Project for Rehabilitation of Drinking Water Supply Systems in Pyanj District of Khatlon Region (2013-2016);
  • Equipment Provision for Infectious Disease Control (EPI) (Phase 2) (2010-2015);
  • Essential Drugs (Medicines on Federated Directing of Child Diseases) (Phase 2) (2009-2014);
  • Project for Improvement of Medical Equipment and Water Supply and Drainage Facilities for Maternal and Child Health Care Institutions (2013-2015);
  • Project for improving Maternal and Child Health Care System in Khatlon region (2012-2016);
  • Project for Improvement of Dusti-Nizhniy Pyandzh Road (2006-2008);
  • Project for improvement of Dusti-Nizhniy Pyandzh Road – Phase 2 (2009-2010);
  • Project for the rehabilitation of Kurgan-Tyube – Dusti Road (2008-2011);
  • Project for the rehabilitation of Kurgan-Tyube – Dusti Road – Phase 2 (2011-2013)
  • Project for Improvement of Equipment for Road Maintenance in Khatlon Region and Districts of Republican Subordination (2013-2015);
  • Project for Improvement of Road Maintenance (2013-2016);

JICA intends to revise its cooperation strategy for Tajikistan in 2017, in order to contribute to successful implementation of new National Development Strategy (NDS) till 2030 adopted by the Government of Tajikistan in 2016, which is well-harmonized with the SDGs.


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