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Press Release

March 17, 2022

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Successfully Completed a Four-Year Technical Cooperation Project

In recognizing the importance and the role of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) in mobilizing revenue to finance Tanzania's development strategies, such as the Vision 2025 and in particular the third five years' development plan (FYDP3), JICA has been supporting TRA through various technical cooperation projects since 2012 when the first joint project began. JICA believes that, when TRA staffs have the necessary capacity, they will be effectively and appropriately mobilize tax revenue and help the country to implement the Vision 2025 and the FYDP3.

The first technical corporation project, the "Project for the Enhancement of Taxation Training", which had been implemented from 2012 to 2016, and its succeeding second phase, the "Project on Capacity Building for Tanzania Revenue Authority", of which implementation started in November 2017 and completed very recently, in February 2022.

The second phase project had three main outputs; the Output 1 was that "Training programs offered by the Institute of Tax Administration (ITA) are refined/improved". At the completion of the project, training curriculum, syllabus, and course materials for five ITA courses, i.e. Taxation on Extractive industry, Construction industry, Tax audit, Intellectual property, and Telecommunications industry, have been newly developed and revised. These courses will be used to train a number of TRA staffs in these areas, and contribute to increasing their competence in performing their duties of administering tax laws and revenue mobilization in the county.

The Output 2 was that "Coaching and Mentoring Program initiated by Human Resources and Administration Department (HRAD) is enhanced". A total of 895 coaches and 1,508 coachees have been identified from TRA's 7 Departments, ITA, and 15 regions. JICA is very much convinced that, when this program will be rolled out to the entire TRA within this year, it will impact professional lives of many TRA junior staffs, and enhance their competency in administering tax laws and appropriate revenue collection.

The Output 3 was that "Career Development Framework across each job grade and specialization is further elaborated". The project's Japanese Experts together with TRA HRAD staffs managed to develop guidelines indicating the alignment between TRA's Scheme of Service (SOS) and ITA training programs. The guidelines will help to lead TRA staffs' career progression in a more professional way. Furthermore, the framework indicating competency requirement for various positions was also developed. This framework will help to guide different Human Resources management operations including competence-based performance management, training, and recruitment.

JICA extends its sincere gratitude to TRA, specifically HRAD and ITA for their outstanding achievements as mentioned above, and also their continuous hard work together with Japanese Experts during the whole period of implementing this project.

For more information about press conference, please contact:
Mr. John Lihawa
JICA Tanzania Office
P.O. Box 9450, Dar es salaam
Tel: 022 211327/30
Mobile: 0754787666
Email: LihawaJohn.TZ@jica.go.jp


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