Follow-up session of “Continuum of Care (CoC) for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) and UHC”

Follow-up session of Knowledge Co-Creation Program “CoC for MNCH and UHC” was held on February 27th and 28th, 2023. There were 13 participants from Burundi, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. During the follow-up session, each country presented


The presentation by Ms. Beverley from Korle-bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana

Follow-up session

“I developed an action plan ‘Strategies to actively involve the papa to participate in mother and children welfare and health’. The plan received high praise and great empathy from my hospital supervisors, I am now asking a TV station to promote father's participation in mother-child care. I will continue to work to leverage my learning from the program to my country. However, in Ghana, understanding of father's participation in mother-child care is still low and there are several challenges, such as lack of understanding from my colleagues and lack of space for father's participation at hospitals. Therefore, in order to implement my action plan, I am actively working to promote a better understanding of father's participation in mother-child care and encourage the hospitals to improve their facilities.”

The discussion on "how to bring people on board and keep everyone motivated"

In order to fulfill Action Plan, it is necessary not only to work by oneself, but also to involve others and work as a team. Therefore, we had a discussion on "how to bring people on board and keep everyone motivated". We also invited past participants by taking advantage of an easy access to the online program. The discussion was very productive, with many opinions exchanged. Some quoted that "It is important to have strong leadership and make teammates feel that the goals are achievable" and others mentioned that "It is important to provide constant feedback and to make clear of the current status and the steps to achieve the goals.”

New video for training, “Community development that leaves no one behind” 

"Community development that leaves no one behind -Health services for future generation-"

Participants with "Commitment to own Action Plan"

In the last part of the session, participants watched a video titled "Community development that leaves no one behind -Health services for future generation-" which was newly produced this year, featuring Sawauchi Village (present Nishiwaga town) in Iwate Prefecture, a remote area where people had addressed three major challenges: severe snow, poverty, and public health issues. And after watching the video, they exchanged opinions on measures to take in remote areas, by listing keywords that they felt were important in the video, such as, "teamwork" and "strong collaboration between citizens and the authorities", or in other words, “to involve others” and “to work as a team”, which correspond to the commitment they came up with as measures to fulfill their Action Plan.

We believe that, by fulfilling the commitment they made, CoC for MNCH and UHC in participating countries will be accelerated through the participants after this program.