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June 3, 2022

[June 5th is "World Environment Day"] Working with Turkey to Promote Energy Efficiency and Management in Industry to Protect #OnlyOneEarth

The theme of the "2022 World Environment Day", designated by the United Nations, is "#OnlyOneEarth". The campaign calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

JICA has been partnering with Turkey to promote environmentally sound technologies for low carbon and climate resilient development, not only in Turkey but also in other countries. JICA's cooperation has extended to the promotion of energy efficiency and management in industry and in buildings through the third country training programs, as well as supporting the training center itself to improve the efficient usage of limited natural resources.

Turkey Takes a Leading Role to Disseminate Knowledge on Energy Efficiency and Management

Carbon emissions from industries and buildings make up a large proportion of global green gas emissions. In Turkey, greenhouse gas emission from the industrial processes and product use had the third largest share in 2019, after energy and agriculture sectors.

In order to reduce the carbon emissions from industries and buildings, JICA has been working with Turkey to promote energy efficiency and management since 1995. After the survey on the rational use of energy in industry, JICA provided technical cooperation for the establishment of National Energy Conservation Center (NECC) of Turkey to strengthen its capacity to promote energy efficiency between 2000-2005.

In order to further disseminate the knowledge and experience acquired through JICA's technical cooperation project, in cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and JICA, the Directorate of Energy Efficiency and Environment (DEEE) under the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has conducted third country programs to neighboring countries on the theme of energy efficiency and management in industry. Since 2004, 278 participants (energy managers, academicians, public servants etc.) from more than 20 countries in the Western and Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Black Sea Regions participated in the trainings. Participants were provided with the opportunities to improve their knowledge and techniques in the field of energy efficiency and management in industry and buildings and renewable energy.

PhotoThird Country Training Programs for Neighboring Countries

JICA's Follow-up Support to Tackle Inefficient Usage of Natural Resources at Training Center

Meanwhile the NECC provided the third country trainings to the neighboring countries, the center itself faced their own issue of the inefficient usage of the natural resources. In order to run the furnace combustion system for trainings, almost 80 tons of water were wasted everyday if the system was run for 10 hours a day. It was caused due to the deterioration of the cooling system.

In order to improve the efficiency of water usage, in 2019, JICA provided a follow-up support to the center to reestablish the proper cooling system connected to the furnace combustion system, in order to recycle the heated water in the system by cooling it down, so that the amount of water used for the system is significantly reduced.

PhotoFurnace Combustion Training Unit

JICA continues to work with Turkey and other countries to promote the environmentally friendly technology, and to combat the climate change to protect our #OnlyOneEarth.


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