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List of KCCP courses allocated for Ukraine in JFY 2021

NoCourse nameCourse durationApplication deadline (for JICA Ukraine Office)
1Competition Law and Policy-Laying the Foundation for Promoting Competition1 February 202228 February 2022Closed
2Criminal Justice (Focus on Investigation, Prosecution, Adjudication, and International Cooperation)15 November 20219 December 2021Closed
3National Government Administration for Senior Officials29 November 202116 December 2021Closed
4The Role of Media in Democratic Countries - Access to Information and Function as a Watchdog19 January 20225 February 2022Closed
5Financial Regulation and Supervision11 January 20223 February 2022Closed
6Necessary Policy Measures for Financial System Including SME Finance in NIS Countries1 September 202130 September 2021Closed
7Strengthening Safety Management System of Agricultural Products17 January 202228 January 2022Closed
8Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policies21 June 202116 July 2021Closed
9Investment Promotion and Business Environment Reform (Advanced) (A)Mid-July 2021Early August 2021Closed
10Capacity Building in International Law and Policy Formation for Enhancement of Measures to Ensure Cybersecurity25 October 20213 November 2021Closed
11ICT Core Personnel Development2 August 202130 November 2021Closed
12Promoting Digital Transformation for Solving Social Issues - The Japanese Challenges toward Society 5.020 January 202227 January 2022Closed
13Strengthening of Cooperation Among Organizations Against Cyberattacks7 February 202218 February 2022Closed
14Promotion of Hydrogen Energy Use - Energy Policy Towards Hydrogen-Based CO2 Free Society17 January 20224 February 2022Closed
15Road Asset Management21 February 20223 March 2022Closed
16Road Maintenance19 November 202131 January 2022Closed
17Technology for Solid Waste Management with Recycling Promotion for Sound Material-Cycle Society18 October 202123 December 2021Closed
18Promotion of Social Participation of Persons with Disabilities through Sports14 March 202226 April 2022Closed
19Capacity Development for Investment Promotion (B)6 October 202128 October 2021Closed
20Capacity Building for ICT Project Planning (Ex. eGovernment, e-Education, e-Health, e-Agriculture, etc.)11 January 202225 February 2022Closed
21Defense Practice Against Cyber Attacks (B)12 May 202121 May 2021Closed
19 January 202228 January 2022Closed
22Capacity Building of Local Governments for Development with Community Participation4 October 202126 October 2021Closed
23Criminal Justice Response to Corruption22 September 202118 October 2021Closed
24Practice of Environmental and Social Considerations for Investment Project Financing15 November 202114 December 2021Closed


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