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Activities in Vietnam

Citizen Participation

About Training Program for Young Leaders



Training Program for Young Leaders (the Japan - ASEAN Youth Friendship Program formerly) is the program in which young people of developing countries are invited to Japan to take part into activities of fields which are considered very important fields of the countries. Through these activities, human resources who would bear high responsibility for the future of those developing countries are developed. This is the main objective of the program. The program is also the chance for the people and local town of Japan to develop its international cooperation.

This program has been implemented for Vietnam since 1995 and as of April 2007, 1,249 young people of Vietnam had been invited to Japan under this program.

Objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. Through the training of particular fields, develop the human resources who are expected to bear high responsibility for the future development of developing countries
  2. Establish the mutual understanding and cooperation relations between Japan and developing countries through the activities of the program
  3. Local governments, universities, NGO and charitable corporation etc. of Japan can contribute to the development of developing countries through conducting the training in which experience and technology of concerned countries are shared.

This program which was called “Japan - ASEAN Youth Friendship Program” had been conducted to the year 2006, and from the year 2007, it has been restructured.

Friendship Program by Fiscal Year (from April to March)

(Person)989999100115100100 991001101091201,249

The numbers are based on the JICA Annual Reports.

Program Schedule JFY 2007

Group FormGroupDurationNo. of participants
Single CountryEnvironment Conservation Sep. 05, 2007 - Sep. 22, 200727
Local Administration Nov. 18, 2007 - Dec. 06, 200725
Economic Development Jan. 06, 2008 - Jan. 23, 200827
Human Resource DevelopmentJan. 06, 2008 - Jan. 23, 200826
Constitution of Legal System 1Feb. 25, 2008 - Mar.13, 20085


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