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Activities in Viet Nam

JICA Partnership Program

1. What is "JICA Partnership Program"?

JICA Partnership Program (JPP), is a technical cooperation program at the grassroots level, implemented to support Japanese Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Japanese Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Japanese universities, Japanese local governments, and public corporations (hereinafter "Partners in Japan") to carry out international cooperation activities in order to directly support the locals in developing countries.

Specifically, JICA will examine and select projects to be implemented from proposals submitted by Partners in Japan. For selected projects, JICA will support and cooperate with the implementation based on approved plans.

Currently, this Program has been implemented in fields that help improve the lives and livelihoods of locals in about 90 countries around the globe.

Projects implemented under this Program framework must meet three (3) conditions below:

  1. It is a project of technical cooperation through people and implemented initiatively by a partner in Japan.
  2. It is a project that contributes to improving the lives and livelihoods of locals in developing countries.
  3. It is a project that gives a great opportunity for Japanese citizens to participate directly and promote understanding in international cooperation.

Depending on the activities and the working years of domestic and overseas experience of partners in Japan, the funding provided for a project varies from 10 million yen to 100 million yen, with implement duration up to 5 years.

In Vietnam, since the commencement of this program in 2002 until April 2020, JICA has been implementing 143 projects in many fields such as improving water supply and drainage systems, strengthening response capacity of the community to natural disaster, agriculture and rural development, health care, environmental management, human resources training for the supporting industry, etc.

2. Map of On-going Projects of JICA Partnership Program in Vietnam








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