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Topics & Events

November 14, 2016

Kickoff meeting of "Project for Development for Land Readjustment and Urban Redevelopment for Kabul Municipality" and "Project for Capacity Development for Management of Kabul City Road Improvement"

PhotoKickoff meeting

From 7th Nov. to 14th Nov, the kickoff meeting was held in Japan regarding the "Project for Development Service for Land Readjustment and Urban Redevelopment Projects for Kabul Municipality" (LRR) and the "Project for Capacity Development for Management of Kabul City Road Improvement" (ROAD).

LRR is aimed at improving Kabul Municipality (KM)'s ability to implement Land Readjustment projects by adapting Land Readjustment scheme. Meanwhile, ROAD is expected that strengthening KM's capacity of Road Design, Road Construction supervision to have good quality roads, and road maintenances. The both projects have just started from the end of Sep. 2016 and will be implemented for the three years by conducting practical On the Job Training (OJT) through experience of activities on sample projects and training in Japan and the third country.

PhotoKabul Acting Mayor Mr. Habibzai (left ) and JICA Vice President Mr. Irigaki (right)

In order to start implementation of LRR and ROAD with KM, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) invited 13 KM executive staff including Kabul Acting Mayor Mr. Habibzai to the kick off meeting held in Japan. During the meeting, all stakeholders such as KM, JICA project teams and JICA Afghanistan Office got together and shared understanding over the project work plan by explanation and discussion on it. By such discussion and shared understanding, commitment of all stakeholders for the project implementation was strengthened.

In addition, the kickoff meeting promoted image sharing of the actual project implementation of stakeholders by discussing specific activities of the project. Such two-way communication enhanced not only shared sense of the project objectives and activities but also creation of bonding within the project team.

PhotoKabul Acting Mayor Mr. Habibzai (left) and Nagoya City Mayor, Mr. Kawamura (right)

During stay in Japan, KM delegates paid a courtesy visit to JICA Headquarters. KM Acting Mayor could hold a presentation mainly in the aspect of KM Strategic Program and request of future projects with JICA Vice President Mr. Irigaki and some other executive staffs. After KM Acting Mayor expressed his deep gratitude to JICA's longtime support to Afghanistan since 2002, especially infrastructure projects for KM. Furthermore, he requested JICA HQ about the newly cooperation in line with KM Strategic Program.

In addition, KM Acting Mayor had courtesy meeting with Nagoya City Mayor, Mr. Kawamura, and could hold a meaningful discussion with him. He expressed his gratitude to Nagoya City Municipality and mentioned about a strong interest on Nagoya of President Ashraf Ghani related to the reconstruction projects of Nagoya after WW II when he was in the World Bank. He emphasized that it would be one of the main reasons why KM has adapted land readjustment as a new method for urban redevelopment.

KM Acting Mayor also paid a courtesy visit to Yokohama City Municipality. He could hold an intimate discussion with Deputy Mayor of Yokohama City, Mr. Hirahara. They discussed about a possibility of future cooperation between KM and Yokohama city.


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