Nowadays, Bangladesh has been regarded as the growth market with its robust economic growth of 6% per year, a population of 163 million (2019) people, and abundant inexpensive labor resource. However, 20.5% (2019) of people are still struggling in the poverty and economic infrastructure is not well developed. Also, the nation is vulnerable to natural disasters such as cyclones and floods, and therefore, it is susceptible to climate change. JICA as a top bilateral donor in Bangladesh, aiming to support the people in Bangladesh, is focusing on two pillars, namely: (a)accelerating sustainable economic growth and (b)overcoming poverty. As the support for economic growth, we continue to cooperate in infrastructure development such as transportation and electricity, and also provide support for revitalizing the private sector. In order to overcome various social vulnerabilities to overcome poverty, we provide support in the field of basic education, health care, rural development, governance, and disaster countermeasures nationwide.

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