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Human Story

New Haripur Power Plant "Working with Japan was my dream"
Project Director, Mr. Nazmul Alam (Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh Ltd.)

PhotoThe steam turbine of New Haripur Power Plant

New Haripur Power Plant is now under construction in Narayanganj, Bangladesh under the Japanese ODA. It is 412 MW combined cycle power plant and one of the biggest and the most efficient power plants in the country. The major Japanese companies join this new power plant project, namely Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the gas turbine, Fuji Electric for the steam turbine. Thermal efficiency of new Haripur Power Plant is around 56%, which is doubled compared with typical Bangladesh gas power plants.

Mr. Nazmul Alam, 50, is the Project Director in Haripur, where more than 1,000 multi-national people are working. He is an engineer working for the Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh (EGCB), the executing agency of this project. "Konnichiha (Hello in Japanese)." Mr. Nazmul started to speak in Japanese with a shy smile. He said that he had learned Japanese in 1986 at the Embassy of Japan in Dhaka. "In those days, I had the impression that Japan was so advanced in every field. That was why I wanted to study Japanese language. I wanted to know more about Japan. Now, since I did not have chance to use my Japanese, I forgot many words. But I am so happy to work with Japan after many years I learned the language." Since his younger days, Mr. Nazmul has wished to work for his country. At first, he dreamt about being a medical doctor, but later he was interested in being an engineer who works for the infrastructure in the society. He also got M.B.A. for gaining skills and knowledge on management. "There is no end in human development. It is important to keep on learning to be a professional," he said.

It is not always possible to finish the project as scheduled in developing countries. But this New Haripur Power Plant Project is supposed to finish almost as scheduled. Mr. Nazmul said, "We can always tackle the problems with JICA and share the same goal. We communicate very well. JICA did not just support financially but worked with us on site."

Communication is the key for the successful management, Mr. Nazmul says. Reflecting this idea, he placed a small wooden post box in front of the main office of the project site. Whenever the workers at the project site have something to say, they can post their opinions here. It is locked and only the person in charge can check the inside. "The problems are solved through this post," Mr. Nazmul said.

In Bangladesh, they need 7,500 MW at peak hours, but only 6,000 MW is provided. Japan has aided 230 billion Japanese Yen of ODA so far and contributed 1,170 MW, or 22.5% of total effective capacity of the country.

PhotoMr. Nazmul (second from the left) and his colleagues

PhotoThe control room of the power plant

PhotoPost box settled in front of the main office


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