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Human Story

Safe water for all in Chittagong (2)

Project for Advancing NRW reduction initiative (PANI) of Chittagong WASA / Karnaphuli Water Supply Project

Digging underground without map

"We don't know what is under the ground in this city," Mr. Akira Shirai, the project manager of Karnaphuli Water Supply Project of JICA, said. The phase 1 of the project plans to construct transmission and distribution pipelines as long as 76km in Chittagong.

In digging the underground, they have to be very careful because there is no precise map for the pipe or lines since the days of British rule. They don't know what kinds of pipes or lines are laid under the ground. Sometimes, they can proceed only a few meters a day. Because they have to dig the road the people are using, they are asking cooperation to the drivers and pedestrians. Political situation this year also hinders the construction.

"Cooperation of JICA is life line for us," Mr. Fazlullah, managing director of CWASA, said. JICA has already agreed to cooperate the phase 2 of Karnaphuli Water Supply Project, which will construct more facilities for water supply. Once the phase 2 of the project is completed in 2021, the water supply will cover around 2 million people, which is now 1.36 million people in Chittagong.

In addition, Mr. Fazlullah has already observed the change in his staff members through NRW reduction project by JICA. "It is tough to meet the people and convince them to pay for the water. But I am confident that their efforts are making changes," he said.

Mr. Hiroyama said, "the year 2021 will be very important for CWASA. The phase 2 of water supply project will be completed and additional 286,000㎥/day water will be available. For effective management of CWASA, we need to develop the human resources by that time."

Please find the press release of "Karnaphuli Water Supply Project II"

Photo Digging the ground for construction of water pipeline (Chittagong)

PhotoConstruction of water pipe bridge, which is technically very difficult even for Japanese experts (Chittagong)

PhotoBefore digging the ground, they are injecting chemical for strengthening foundation (Chittagong)

PhotoMr. Shirai, the project manager of Karnaphuli Water Supply Project of JICA

PhotoMr. Fazlullah, managing director of CWASA


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