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February 6, 2015

Study for Domestic Pre-paid Gas Meter Installation
A study indicates Dhaka's domestic households are happy with Pre-paid Gas Meter

PhotoPre-paid Gas Meter made in Japan

A Representative from JICA Bangladesh Office visited a private residence in Mirpur area to observe Pre-paid Gas Meter (PGM) installation under an ongoing study of JICA. The house owner has expressed his full satisfaction for having PGM at his residence, saying "if we had installed the gas meter much earlier we would have been more benefitted and the government could have saved misuse of gas. This Japanese PGM looks very good in quality, I hope this will last long".

Helios Holding Co. Ltd., a Japanese private company, is conducting a study for Domestic Pre-paid Gas Meter Installation together with JICA and Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Co. Ltd. (TGTDCL). The study contains installation of 200 PGMs in 200 households (the households using gas under fixed monthly rate and the households using gas under already installed prepaid system) in Dhaka City. The objective of this study is to confirm the reduction of gas usage and to confirm the normal operation and effectiveness of built-in safety functions of gas meters (pressure sensor, seismic shut-off function, automatic shut-off after lengthy use, etc.). Also to confirm the possibility of installing gas meters indoors with consideration for the existing gas pipe lines in domestic households.

PhotoData reader attached to PGM

120 "domestic households using gas under fixed charge" are selected from households of TGTDCL officials and staffs by different income level, to confirm the difference in the amount of gas use/consumption. As for "Domestic households using gas under prepaid system (already installed)," 40 households are selected from those with prepaid gas meters already installed. By replacing the existing meters with Japanese gas meters, accurate amounts of gas usage will be comprehended. Another 40 households are selected randomly having gas meters indoors to prove normal performance of meters installed indoors.

In Bangladesh, gas for households is provided under fixed rate and this encourages unlimited usage at each households. As a result , gas power plants are forced to stop their operations due to insufficient gas in the country.

The Helios Holding, with the assistance of TGTDCL, has installed 200 PGMs. In the next 3 months the study team will collect data on monthly basis and submit the study report to JICA and TGTDCL by April 2015. Let's see if the gas meters will work as the savior of gas in Bangladesh.

PhotoInstalled PGMs


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