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October 12, 2012

JOCV's contribution to Digital Bangladesh

Mr. Tadashi Kurihara (JOCV: Japan International Cooperation Volunteer) has been working with DAE (Department of Agricultural Extension: http://www.dae.gov.bd) as a computer technology expert since Feb 2011.

DAE is an agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Bangladesh, and it transmits the following information to the farmers for the development of agriculture and rural economy.

  • Diseases and pests of agricultural crops.
  • Vegetables which can be harvested in Bangladesh.
  • Natural disaster.
  • Technology of agriculture.

Currently, DAE has been developing the following system for "E-agriculture" under "Digital Bangladesh", a vision of the government of Bangladesh.

  • Office automation for work efficiency.
  • Mitigation of the damage at the time of a disaster.

Mr. Tadashi Kurihara is a first ICT volunteer for DAE, who provides a variety of computer skills for security, networking, hardware, software trouble shooting and maintenance as well as advices on the future ICT initiation in DAE.

PhotoDAE's Home Page

PhotoDAE office building

PhotoDAE Staff and Mr. Kurihara


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