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Press Release

April 24, 2014

Chittagong WASA's Launching Ceremony for Phase- 2 of JICA financed Karnaphuli Water Supply Project

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is very happy to participate in the Launching Ceremony of Karnaphuli Water Supply Project, Phase-2 (KWSP2) arranged by its executing agency CWASA. The Chittagong City is the second largest city in Bangladesh, and the country's biggest industrial city with a foremost seaport with 2.9 million populations.

Providing sustainable water and sanitation services for all, remains a huge challenge in Bangladesh. In urban areas of Bangladesh, it is estimated that 85% of the people has access to safe drinking water in 2008. The National Water Management Plan (2004) sets out the target of average household piped water supply of major cities as 90% in 2025. Whereas, water supply in Chittagong is mere one third of potential demand and service coverage rate is limited at 48% (219MLD of the demand 470MLD). To attain this target JICA came forward as development partner to provide financial assistance to increase sustainable access to safe water for the people in Chittagong city, by constructing water supply facilities, thereby contributing to the improvement of the living environment of the citizens.

JICA estimates the water demand is increased to 1,013MLD in 2030. The KWSP2 will increase water supply by the Karnaphuli WTP (143MLD each by KWSP1&2, total 286LD) and restore 500 km distribution and service pipeline. Moreover CWASA's water supply to the Low Income Communities will be expanded under the project with at least a lifeline supply of 20 lpcd of safe drinking water.

JICA started its first assistance through CWASA in the year 2006 provided 12,224 million JPY (equivalent to 120 million USD) for the first "Karnaphuli Water Supply Project" that will deliver 143 MLD to the People of Chittagong City after its completion in 2015. JICA has been assisting CWASA through Technical Cooperation Project called PANI, with around 10 million USD, for its institutional capacity development in order to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the organization as well as to reduce Non-Revenue-Water of CWASA. Besides, PANI has been working for developing GIS based map of CWASA's facilities and customer database that would improve the corporate governance of CWASA.

About KWSP2
JICA signed a Loan Agreement with the Government of Bangladesh on March 10, 2013 to provide a loan of 34,847 Million Japanese Yen (approximately 340 million USD) to construct Intake and WTP in the Karnaphuli River, Reservoir and elevated tank, 38 km Transmission pipeline and rehabilitate 500 km distribution pipeline and service network.

About JICA Bangladesh
JICA Bangladesh office was established in 1974. We implement a major part of Japan's ODA (Official Development Assistance) through technical cooperation, ODA loans, and grant aid in an integrated manner. Our focus areas are to (1) enhance economic activities through projects such as infrastructure (power and transportation), private sector and urban developments and (2) overcome social vulnerability through projects such as human (education and health) and rural development, governance, and disaster. JICA Volunteer is also one of our programs.


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