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Press Release

January 12, 2015

JICA Bangladesh launched the website "Bangland" as a tool to connect social entrepreneurs of Japan and Bangladesh

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Bangladesh launched "Bangland", a website dedicated to Japanese companies, entrepreneurs and their Bangladeshi counterparts who seek to develop sustainable business to solve various social development issues of Bangladesh under the activities of "Social Development Platform for Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh" in early January, 2015.

JICA initiated the "Platform" in September, 2014 against the backdrop of the growing trend of social entrepreneurship in Bangladesh with a number of world renowned philosophies articulated by the likes of Grameen Bank and BRAC. This trend has echoed JICA's activity to support Japanese SMEs and Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) businesses by providing financial support to conduct feasibility study or disseminate their products and technologies to solve social development issues throughout the world. By providing useful information and basic consultation services and facilitating the linkage between Japanese entrepreneurs and their counterpart Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, the "Platform" aims to solve such development issues through entrepreneurship.

"Bangland" will serve as a tool to provide useful information by regularly publishing articles on exemplary social entrepreneurs and various social challenges which can turn into potential business opportunities. Potential beneficiaries of the platform will be firms and individuals, mainly Japanese enterprises and their joint ventures in Bangladesh which would like to work for the people of Bangladesh and engaged in social business in Bangladesh. The website will be in two languages, both in English and Japanese as attached below:

Through the launch of "Bangland", JICA would like to expect more Japanese entrepreneurs to engage more in solving social development issues in Bangladesh together with efforts and entrepreneurship of their Bangladeshi counterparts, thereby contributing to social and economic development of Bangladesh and growing relationship between two countries.

About JICA Bangladesh

JICA Bangladesh was established initially as Overseas Technical Cooperation Agency in April 1974, and officially became JICA Bangladesh Office in August of the same year. We implement major part of Japan's ODA (Official Development Assistance) through technical cooperation, ODA loans, and grant aid in an integrated manner. Our focus areas are (1) to enhance economic activities and (2) overcome social vulnerability, and projects range from infrastructure (power and transportation), private sector and urban developments for our focus area (1) to human (education and health) and rural development, governance, and disaster for our focus area (2). JICA Volunteer is also one of our projects, and it celebrates 40th anniversary this year.



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