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Press Release

October 2, 2017

Global Nursing leader congratulate and encourage Bangladeshi Nursing development

Dr. Hiroko MINAMI, Japanese well-known nursing leader visited Bangladesh on 23-28 September as a part of JICA's technical project for improvement of nursing education.

Nursing in Bangladesh is evolving rapidly. Remarkable administrative and educational changes have been taken place recently; the Government of Bangladesh has recruited around 10,000 nurses in December 2016 and additionally 4,600 more in near future. Ministerial reforms were also achieved to execute more professional oriented administration, focusing on nursing and midwifery. That responds Bangladeshi health transitions and reflects strong political commitment of the Government, aiming at achieving "Sustainable Development Goals" and "Vision 2021".

Upon observing these developments, Dr. Minami (Specially Assigned Professor, Graduate School of Nursing, University of Kochi), who was the president of International Council of Nurses (ICN) from 2005 till 2009, praised the efforts of the Government, nurses and nursing students who are working for health of the people in the Country. Third visit to Bangladesh impressed her these changes are remarkable and promising; she visited Nursing Colleges, Upazila Health Complex and District Hospital, and had a series of discussions with nurses and nursing faculty members. She acknowledged the substantial evolution since her visit last year. The nurses became more conscious and active in their own capacity development to serve better to the patient and society; even young newly assigned nurses mentioned clearly their vision and needs to achieve it. She expects most in young leaders to play vital role in next generation.

She also met Mohammad Nasim, Honorable Minister and two Secretaries, namely, Mr. Md. Sirazul Islam and Mr. Md. Sirajul Haque Khan of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. She praised and confirmed the continuing strong political commitment of the Government, and in the Seminar in DGNM (Directorate General of Nursing and Midwifery), she encouraged the further development in terms of promotion of nursing professionals and improvement of nursing education, the similar path which Japan had experienced since 1950's.




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