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Chief Representative's Speech

March 31, 2014

E/N & G/A Signing Ceremony for the Project for Improvement of Airport Safety and Security Systems


Mr. Shiro Sadoshima, Honorable Ambassador of Japan,
Mr. Mohammad Mejbahuddin, Secretary, Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Assalam alaikum

I am glad to sign the grant agreement on "the Project for Improvement of Airport Safety and Security Systems." This is our second project in the civil aviation sector of Bangladesh after construction of Chittagong International Airport which was completed in 2001.

Considering the steady growth of Bangladeshi economy during the last decade, it is no surprising that the number of passengers of Dhaka International Airport has been increasing by 8.4 percent annually.

It also sounds very likely that more than one lakh aircrafts per year or nearly 300 aircrafts per day fly over Bangladesh, given its location just in the middle of vibrantly developing and emerging economies.

Accordingly, it has been increasingly urgent matter to upgrade and modernize air navigation and security systems in Bangladesh complying with the standards of ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization.

Under this grant assistance of approximately 23.5 million USD, we will support to install a new Primary/Secondary Surveillance Radar in Chittagong International Airport and a new Doppler VOR, VHF Omni-directional Radio Range Beacon and DME, Distance Measuring Equipment in Jessore and Saidpur Airports. Furthermore, we support in Dhaka International Airport to upgrade X-ray and explosive detection systems for baggage inspection, access control systems in terminal buildings and two fire fighting vehicles.

Through these support, the whole area of the Bay of Bengal will be covered by radars thereby enabling Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, CAAB to conduct thorough surveillance of aircrafts, which will contribute to establish a comprehensive air transportation system in the region. CAAB will also be able to meet the requirement of IATA, International Air Transport Association, to mount countermeasures against aviation terrorism.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to remind CAAB of enhancing its capacity of operation and maintenance of the equipment to be installed by making full use of the soft component of the project.

Finally, I hope the project will raise the safety and reliability of civil aviation in Bangladesh unequivocally up to the international level and develop logistics and the tourism industry further.

Dhonnobad. Thank you.


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