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Chief Representative's Speech

June 1, 2016

International Seminar on National Spatial Data Infrastructure
(01/Jun/2016 @ Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka)

Her Excellency, Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh and Minister of Defense, Madam Sheikh Hasina,
His Excellency, Mr. Masato Watanabe, Ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh,
Respected Chair of Seminar, Mr. Kazi Habibul Awal, Senior Secretary, Ministry of Defense
Dr. Hiroshi Murakami, Deputy Director General, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan,
Brigadier General Abul Khair, Surveyor General of Bangladesh,
Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen,

Assalamualikum and good morning.

First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Honorable Prime Minister for her kind presence which surely inspires us for launching the concept of National Spatial Data Infrastructure, NSDI, in Bangladesh.

Our first cooperation to the Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) was designed in 1991 to strengthen its geodesy capacity. Since then, Japan has been assisting several projects of SOB such as supply of cartographic equipment and capacity development for digital mapping. In the course of the projects, more than forty SOB officials have been trained in Japan, and more than fifty Japanese experts have worked here in Bangladesh, transferring advanced technologies to SOB officials.

As a result, the Survey of Bangladesh is now about to complete digital mapping of the whole country and to proceed to the next stage where anyone can utilize this valuable mapping information, what we call NSDI, for socio-economic development of Bangladesh. That is, NSDI will be a common social platform that can be accessed and used by any interested people in public functionaries, private companies and research institutes. NSDI will foster enhanced use of geospatial data through better management of existing geospatial data as well as through more efficient collection and production of new geospatial data in ways that maximize data usefulness for multiple users. Being such a technological breakthrough, NSDI will contribute enormously to urban and rural planning, infrastructure designing, disaster management and any other conceivable development activities.

For example, thanks to Japanese NSDI which has been developed under the provisions of Japan NSDI Act 2007, people now can access to all the public mapping and spatial information of Japan through the Internet. A lot of benefits of Japanese NSDI are reported such as efficient survey activities of land zoning and urban planning, sophisticated public-service delivery and active creation of new businesses.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We at JICA are honored to hold this epoch-making event to kick off NSDI in Bangladesh together with the Survey of Banglaesh as a successful outcome of our long, rewarding relationship. I feel encouraged by the excellent presentation by our colleague, Brigadier General Abul Khair, Surveyor General of Bangladesh, on his determination to introduce NSDI into this country.

I hope that everyone who are and will be attending this seminar today and tomorrow will fully understand how revolutionary and full of potentials NSDI is and take part in the upcoming construction process of Bangladeshi NSDI so that the existing spatial information managed by various stakeholders will be properly integrated. JICA is pleased to continue its support for the realization of Bangladeshi NSDI since that will be indispensable for the Government of Bangladesh to achieve its milestone of Digital Bangladesh by 2021.

Apnader Shabaike Dhannabad. Thank you very much.




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