There are more than 14,000 Japanese people and their descendants living in the Plurinational State of Bolivia, who are an undying bond in the relations between Bolivia and Japan. In addition to that strong human bond, there are increasingly strengthened trade links between both countries, considering that Bolivia is a country that has abundant resources, such as zinc and lead, and Japan is the main destination of these resources.
In the P.S. of Bolivia, even considering the enormous effort that the authorities have made, there is still a difference regarding income, making the country to be among the ones with the highest incidence in Latin America, which means that a high percentage of people are still living at a certain level of poverty. JICA in Bolivia, develops actions agreed with the National Government, focusing them mainly on social development (improving knowledge of human resources), the improvement of productivity and the exploitation of renewable energy.

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JICA Bolivia Office
Calle 22, N°8232, Edificio Centro Empresarial Calacoto, Piso 1, Zona Calacoto, La Paz, BOLIVIA
(Cajón Postal No.11447, La Paz, Bolivia)

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