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Message from the Chief Representative

With a focus on technical and volunteer assistance, JICA has been helping Bolivia with nation-building for more than three decades. Sharing the hard times as well as the good times with the people of Bolivia, we are proud of having made a contribution to the economy and society here while also building friendship and goodwill.

As a part of our technical cooperation, we have provided assistance in the areas of health care, education, farm village development, road infrastructure and the environment through human resource training. This promotes Bolivian self-reliance, and many of those who have received training are active in each field. Additionally, the facilities, materials and equipment provided by Japan through grant aid have been put to effective use, making a difference in regional development and improving people’s lives. Over the past 30 years, we have brought more than 800 Japanese volunteers to Bolivia to help with community development throughout the country. As they share in the laughter and the tears with the local people, the volunteers have also contributed to friendship and goodwill as bridges between our countries.

On October 1, 2008, JICA underwent an organizational rebirth. The new JICA undertakes the integrated management of three types of assistance—technical cooperation, Japanese ODA loans and grants aid—and can thereby provide assistance at even a higher level that is appropriate to the needs of people in developing countries. Under the vision of “inclusive and dynamic development,” the new JICA aims to make “human security” a reality. At the JICA Bolivia Office, we will continue to support Bolivian people’s efforts to reduce poverty and build a fair, plentiful society.

Chief Representative, JICA Bolivia Office


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