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Development and Distribution of Guideline on Primary Emergency Care

Phnom Penh October 5, 2010


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and a Japanese NGO Tokushima International Cooperation (TICO) in collaboration with Ministry of Health have developed Guidelines on Primary Emergency Care through the project "Life Saving Safety Network for the Social and Economical Disadvantaged people in Western Phnom Penh". The guideline has already received the Minister's approval and is being distributed by the Ministry staffers to all Health Centers, Referral Hospitals, Provincial Health Departments and Provincial Police Departments through-out the nation and to be used by the primary responders.

The Guideline was developed by a special Working Group headed by Dr. Pisak Rangsay, Director of Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health. The Guideline is divided into 25 chapters and explains how to conduct primary emergency care in common cases such as surface wounds from cuts, burns and animal bites, how to rescue patients who have been electrified, drowning, and heart attacks. In Cambodia, due to lack of Ambulance services and basic primary emergency care knowledge, many people do not receive proper primary treatment, causing many patients conditions to degrade. Using these Guidelines, the Ministry of Health is conducting a number of emergency medical care training sessions throughout the provinces to train selected medical staff.


This project has been carried out under JICA's Partnership Program (JPP).  JPP is a technical cooperation program implemented by JICA to contribute to the social and economic development of developing countries at the grass-roots level in collaboration with "Partners in Japan," such as NGOs, universities, local governments, and public corporations.

For more information, please contact to Ms. MIZUSAWA Aya, NGO Coordinator or Ms. CHAN Sothea, Program Officer of NGO Section of JICA Cambodia Office through MizusawaAya.CM@jica.go.jp / ChanSothea.CM@jica.go.jp or the office phone 023 211 673/4.


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