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Capacity development (CD) is an essential element for achieving development objectives. This has been widely recognized by partner countries and donors alike, as articulated in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. CD has been placed high on the agenda for discussions and efforts for enhancing development and aid effectiveness.

This has led to increased attention on how to make technical cooperation (TC) more effective for CD. While many aid instruments are used to support CD, TC constitutes a major instrument for supporting CD. However, the effectiveness of TC has been perceived as mixed. Improvement of TC thus has been seen as one of the critical issues for operationalizing the new consensus on CD.

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What‘s New

All the Study Reports have been finalized and are now available online!!

26 august 2008

All the Study Reports including a Synthesis Report, eleven Country Case Study Reports, and a Brochure have been finalized and are available on this homepage. These reports will also be distributed at the Accra High Level Forum in September, 2008. For downloading, please go to “Output” section of the “About Study” page with the following link.

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Holding of the Second Workshop (10-11 April, Tokyo)

22 May 2008

The second workshop of the joint study was held in Tokyo from 10-11 April, 2008, with the participation of study members. The purpose of the workshop was (a) to share the results of the country studies, (b) to discuss, identify and agree on the major, common issues to be focused in the synthesis study, (c) to exchange views on possible direction of the recommendations of the joint study in view of providing inputs to the synthesis study and recommendations, and (d) to discuss and agree on the communication strategies of the study towards the HLF-III to promote the buy-in of the study results.

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Holding of the 1st Management Group (MG) Meeting for the Study
- The country studies are in progress with country leadership and donor cooperation -

28 January 2008

The 1st MG meeting for the joint study on effective technical cooperation (TC) for capacity development (CD) was held on 11 January 2008, using video conferencing. The MG members-Cambodia, Ghana, Malawi, Vietnam, DFID, GTZ, and JICA-reviewed the progress of the overall study since the 1st Workshop (October 2007) and discussed issues relevant to the management of the study as a whole.

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New documents in the Library

26 November 2007

A Strategy for Capacity Development for Decentralisation/ Capacity Building Needs Assessment (CBNA) and Capacity Development Strategy (CDS) for Decentralisation/ Human Resource/Capacity Development within the Health Sector: Needs Assessment Study in Malawi

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New link with the following websites

12 November 2007

The Tanzania Development Partnership Group (DPG) / BMZ / UNDP / OECD/DAC / Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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New documents in the Library

12 November 2007

Joint Strategy for Tanzania (JAST) / Enhancing Aid Relationship in Tanzania: Independent Monitoring Group (IMG) Report 2005

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Holding of the First Workshop (8-9 October, Bangkok)

01 November 2007

(photo)ParticipantsThe first workshop of the joint study was held in Bangkok from 8-9 October, 2007, with the participation of study members. The purpose of the workshop was (a) to discuss the overall framework and the design of the study, (b) to prepare for the implementation of country studies, and (c) to share experiences on CD and TC.

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