Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The economy of the Dominican Republic depends mainly on agriculture, mining, light industry and tourism. In recent years, there has been development in the fields of textile and other light industries in the free trade zone, exports of medical equipment, and the tourism industry with foreign capital inflows. Besides, major source of foreign currency revenue is remittance from Dominican migrants residing in the US (approximately 120 million people / 30 hundred million US$:Japan's ODA Databook by country 2012). The GNI per capita of the Dominican Republic is US$5,470(2012: World Bank), and the country is classified as a middle income country. However, the income disparity is large, and poverty in rural areas is serious. JICA's support to the Dominican Republic focuses on poverty reduction(mitigating disparities), improving industrial competitiveness and environmental conservation.

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JICA Dominican Republic Office
Avenida Sarasota No.20, Torre Empresarial AIRD, 7mo. Piso, La Julia, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
(Apartado Postal No.1163, Santo Domingo, REPUBLICA DOMINICANA)

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