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Message from the Chief Representative


JICA Dominican Republic office is in charge of the cooperation to the neighboring country Haiti which divides the Hispaniola Island with Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, in addition to the cooperation to Dominican Republic, in a total of 13 countries.

The Dominican Republic is historically famous for the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492 during his first voyage. The very first Spanish settlements were established here. In addition, there is a Japanese society established by migrants who have close tie with Japan.

The Dominican Republic could boast of achieving stable economic growth at the rate of 7.3 per cent in 2014 and 7.0 per cent in 2015 due to the contribution of its tourism industry, the free zones and migrant remittances. On the other hand, the Dominican Republic suffers from social and economic disparities amongst its people: the gap between the lower classes and the middle and upper classes are vast, which have become a major issue.

Based on the Japanese government's Policy for Assistance, JICA DR provides support in the areas of ‘Sustainable Economic Development' and ‘Reduction of Disparities' to allow all people enjoy "Better Tomorrow". In addition, support for Japanese society to strengthen the bridge between the Dominican Republic and Japan also has become an important task for us.

In 2016 the Second term of the President Danilo Medina's Administration has started after the general election; also, it marked the 60th anniversary to commemorate the Japanese immigrants in the Dominican Republic. This year is a milestone toward the future of the Dominican Republic. JICA DR is willing to address a cooperation looking at a bright future reviewing the past experience.

Haiti has become the region's poorest countries. Experiencing the earthquake in January 2010, Haiti is now on a transition point from "a period of subsequent reconstruction" to "a period of development". However there are many to face. The country must focus on Infrastructure development, institutional strengthening, human resource development, etc. Sustaining the initiative of the people of Haiti, JICA DR commits itself to continue to support Haiti applying the experiences and the human resources of Japan and the neighboring countries.

JICA DR deals with wide variety of interests of 3 countries in the region. However, we would like to contribute ourselves toward the regional development, considering the similarities and different needs of the countries while respecting the ownership of the governments and the peoples. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen relations with Japan and the cheerful and bright Caribbean.

December 2016
JICA Dominican Republic Office
Yamada Akihiko


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