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Activities include the following two types. Partner countries can select or combine relevant tools based on their needs and the availability of resources.

1. Short Intensive Lectures

To conduct intensive lectures on Japan’s development experience by using the following items:

1. short-term dispatch of Japanese lecturers,
2. providing DVDs (“Seven Chapters on Japanese Modernization,” etc.), and
3. providing relevant reference materials for Japanese studies. (politics, economics, business, society and culture, literature/arts, history, etc.)

2. JICA Chair of Japanese Studies

To establish a JICA Chair of Japanese Studies or strengthen existing research and education programs in collaboration with leading universities in partner countries by using the following items:

1. short intensive lectures mentioned above,
2. conducting joint research activities, and
3. providing research and education opportunities in Japan for young researchers (for academic degrees or on sabbatical).
4. Japanese affairs will also be introduced along with Japanese language classes in collaboration with JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and others.