Timor-Leste, the first independent country of the 21st century, has been making efforts toward reconstruction from conflicts and consolidation of peace since its independence in 2002. In July 2011, Timor-Leste issued the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) which guides nation-building efforts for sustainable growth and development.
JICA has continued to support Timor-Leste in its socio economic development since before the independence responding to the needs which vary with time. Timor-Leste has achieved to stabilize peace after 16 years since its independence and has been advancing towards full-fledged nation-building as well as industry diversification based on the SDP. In response to those changes and based on the Japan's basic policy: "assisting the process for establishing the foundation of sustainable development of the country", JICA has set three priority areas: 1) development and improvement of socioeconomic infrastructure, 2) promotion of industry diversification, and 3) improvement and expansion of social service delivery. JICA conducts its cooperation activity using various schemes such as technical cooperation project, dispatching experts, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, grant aid project, loan project, conducting training in Japan, collaborating with Japanese NGO, etc.

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JICA Timor-Leste Office
Avenida Luromata (Antiga Prai dos Conqueiros), No.3 Comoro, Dili - Timor Leste
(CPA No.83, Dili, Timor-Leste)

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