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January 28, 2019

Map of Restaurants and Hotels in Dili Which Use 100% of Domestic Rice
National Directory of Agro Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

JICA and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) of Timor-Leste are implementing the Project for Increasing Farmers Households' Income through Strengthening Domestic Rice Production in Timor-Leste. Through this project, now the 2 hotels (Hotel Timor and Timor Plaza Hotel), 12 Restaurants in Dili and 1 Restaurant in Maliana starting provide domestic rice to their customers. For the details of information, please refer to the map below.


Photo1. Hotel Timor:
Address: Avenida Nicolau Lobato

Photo2. Timor Plaza Hotel
Address: Avenida Nicolau Lobato

Photo3. Restaurant Pantai Laut
Address: Opposite Tais Market Colmera

Photo4. Genivan Restaurant
Address: Beach Road,
Kampung Alor

Photo5. Dilicious Timor Restaurant
Address: Next to GMN TV station

Photo6. Agora Food Studio
Address: Kampung Alor, LELI

Photo7. Warung Solo
Address: Av. Nicoalu Lobato Kampung Alor

Photo8. Megamor Restaurant
Address: Opposite Parliament

Photo9. Getsemani Restaurant
Address: Bidau Akadiru-hun

Photo10. Nelayan Restaurant
Address: Colmera

Photo11. Golden Star
Address: Audian

Photo12. Warsun Restaurant
Address: Bidau Akadiru-hun

Photo13. The Green Resto
Address: Hudi Laran

Photo14. Coconut Restaurant
Address: Bairo-Pitte

Photo15. Maliana Restaurant
Address: Maliana Market

Now CAAKUB rice is sold at MAP and ACELDA rice is sold at the Supermarket

PhotoCAAKUB rice

PhotoACELDA rice

If you have any special events these restaurants can provide catering so please order and enjoy organic high nutritious and fresh domestic rice.


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