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February 22, 2019

Workshops Held, "Building Regulation Management Handbook" and "Enlightenment brochure" developed- Output 3

Recently, "Building Regulation Management Handbook -towards earthquake resistant buildings-" created by the working group of this project has been completed, and the distribution to related parties has been started.

This handbook has been developed for about a year and a half by officials of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MIDUVI), pilot municipalities and Japanese experts while listening to opinions from universities, related associations, and Association of Municipalities of Ecuador (AME) as well. The review of design drawing and structural calculation document, and inspections during and upon construction are done properly through the establishment and enforcement of an ordinance of each municipality based on the procedure of review and inspection shown in this handbook. In addition, experts in the design, construction, review and approval of buildings, such as designers, contractors, and municipality officials, refer to and understand the various technical information and standard work at the time of construction included in this handbook. It is expected that safe buildings will be built in the event of an earthquake in the future.

The electronic data of the handbook is also uploaded to the website of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MIDUVI). In the project, we will monitor the development and implementation status of the building regulation management plan in the pilot municipalities along with the preparation of a plan to disseminate the contents of the handbook in the future. In addition, we also created a brochure "Earthquake-resistant Building Construction" to promote earthquake resistance through the understanding and enlightenment of the building regulation manaegement for residents and building owners. While utilizing this brochure, we have held three workshops for experts on building regulation management and seismic engineering, and two workshops for residents and building owners to spread their understanding of earthquake resistant buildings. We will hold workshops every half year in other municipalities, and disseminate the understanding of the importance of buildings resistant to earthquakes to private sectors and citizens involved in building construction as well as administrative organizations in the future.

PhotoVenue for the second workshop for professionals at the Manabi Institute of Technology at Portoviejo municipality (August 8, 2018)

PhotoAt Atacames municipality (Esmeraldas EQ 911) with participants at a small workshop (November 15, 2018)

PhotoA scene of the second workshop for residents and building owners at Salinas municipality (February 8, 2019)

PhotoCover of "Building Regulation Management Handbook"

PhotoCover of brochure "Earthquake-resistant Building Construction"

PhotoParticipants who hold the Handbook at the meeting at Civil Engineers Association of Pichincha in Quito (ESPE University, Architect Association of Pichincha, CAMICON and MIDUVI) (Feb. 22, 2019)


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