Achieving a prosperous society
where we live together

In 2021 there were 1,730,000
foreign workers in Japan
(an increase of 2.5 times since 2011).

Half of them were from developing countries.
They contribute to the economic development of their home countries.

It has been estimated that around 6,740,000
foreign workers will be required in 2040
for Japan’s economic growth*1.

It is urgent for Japan to become a country chosen
by foreign workers.

*1 Source: results from the study on Diversity and Social Inclusion of Migrant Workers in Japanese Society-Our World in 2030/40 (JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development, 2022)

to Japan

I am worried about choosing a poor sending organization.

I want to get to understand the language, society, and culture of Japan where I live and work.

What kind of work matches my experience and ambition?

in Japan

I hope to work with dignity as a person and an employee.

What if I can’t communicate well, and my family and I don't fit into the community?


I wonder how I can put the skills and ability I learn in Japan into use after going back home?

JICA's four principles of work

1Contribute to economic growth in developing countries and to regional revitalization in Japan.

2Support in improving an environment and capacity that can accept foreign workers.

3Building a more culturally varied, inclusive society in Japan.

4Support foreign HRs returning home to make active contributions to their own countries.

JICA provides support before coming to Japan, while staying in Japan, and after returning home.

Before coming to Japan

Before coming to Japan–
Japan Center in 7 countries
will assist in preparing
for employment in Japan.

  • Information about daily life
  • Business environment

*2 Japan Center for Human Development (known as the Japan Center) is set up to help the Southeast Asia and Central Asia regions move to market economies. JICA assists in developing these centers as an exchange hub (platform) for Japan and the respective countries.

in Japan

While in Japan:
There are 15 domestic offices

to promote multicultural and
inclusive communities.

  • Collaboration with local governments and nonprofit organizations
  • Activities leveraging JICA's strengths such as former Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) resources

School visit by Vietnam international students: promoting education for international understanding
(JICA Hokkaido)

After returning home

After returning home:
Seeking development
of both parties

– The Kagawa / Laos model

Cooperation by Farmers' Co-op in Kagawa
  • Site visit
  • Advice and guidance in production technology
  • Market development
  • Contributing to improve local farm production and livelihood
  • increase trust in Japan

JP-MIRAI: Japan Platform for Migrant Workers towards Responsible and Inclusive Society

- Promote efforts at improving
an environment and
capacity for accepting foreign workers -

Established in November 2020

  • Participation by private sector firms, local governments, nonprofit organizations,
    academics, lawyers, and JICA*3.
  • JICA promotes the initiative of JP-MIRAI in leveraging the trust and connections built up
    both in Japan and abroad through international cooperation.
  • In 2022, there are plans to launch a portal site in 8 languages, and conduct a pilot project
    which will provide services such as a consulting desk, accompanying support, and
    legal support for foreign workers.

*3 As of February 2022, around 400 entities, groups, and individuals are participating.