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Former President's Visits & Remarks

Sadako Ogata

Sadako Ogata
Special Advisor to the President
Former President (Oct 2003 - Mar 2012)


October 15, 2010JICA President Discusses Development Issues on Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan
October 8, 2010JICA President Discusses Development Issues with World Bank and USAID Leaders
October 5, 2010JICA President Attends IMF Meeting in Washington
September 7, 2010JICA Expected to Strengthen Ties with Key Institutions in China and Korea
September 3, 2010JICA President Discusses Bilateral Cooperation with Korean Counterpart
September 1, 2010JICA President Visits Korea and China
June 4, 2010With Japanese Help, a New Dawn for Higher Education in Egypt
May 28, 2010With Japanese Help, a New Dawn for Higher Education in Egypt
April 26, 2010JICA President Flies to South Africa After Major Speech on Prevention of Mass Violence in Asia.
April 23, 2010Conditions in Asia are "brighter than ever" but governments must be cautious, JICA President says.
March 31, 2010JICA President Sees Solid Development Progress in Afghanistan Despite Continuing Security Problems
December 8, 2009JICA Shared Opinions with China to Work Closely Together in Three Key Development Areas
December 7, 2009A Call for Closer Bilateral and International Development Ties between China and Japan.
December 4, 2009Japan and China Should Foster Closer Development Links
December 1, 2009JICA President Continues China Visit, Moving to the Northeast Jilin Province
November 30, 2009In Northeastern China, JICA President Visits Medical Facilities, Meets Key Personnel
November 27, 2009JICA President Sadako Ogata Visits China
November 13, 2009The International Community Must Make a Long Term Commitment to the Future of Afghanistan.
October 30, 2009On the Ground in Iraq
April 15, 2009Looking For a Closer Regional Approach to Help Pakistan
March 6, 2009JICA President Mrs. Sadako Ogata is Appointed Special Envoy for Prime Minister Aso to Afghanistan and Pakistan
November 6, 2008New Airport Terminal Built with Japanese Assistance Opens in Kabul
October 15, 2008New Solutions Are Needed to Help the World’s Poorest People
June 11, 2008Social Progress Must Go Hand in Hand with African Economic Expansion (Africa)
March 13, 2008JICA President Ends Middle East Tour Following Talks with Syrian Leader
March 12, 2008JICA President Holds Talks with Syrian Officials and Visits Field Operations
March 10, 2008JICA President Sadako Ogata in Syria on Last Leg of Nine-Day Middle East Visit
March 7, 2008JICA President Ogata Meets Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian Leader Abbas
March 5, 2008JICA President Ogata Visits Israel, Palestine and Syria During Middle East Tour (Middle East)
February 25, 2008Africa Makes Major Strides in Key Security, Political and Economic Areas (Africa)
February 22, 2008An Ethiopian Village Sends Its Children to School for the First Time Ever (Africa)
February 21, 2008JICA President Assesses Africa’s Current Situation and Future Economic and Social Needs (Africa)
February 20, 2008Improving One of the World’s Most Challenging Transportation Links (Africa)
February 19, 2008JICA President Visits Africa’s Fastest Growing City to Study Its Problems (Africa)
February 18, 2008JICA President Ogata Confers with Sudan President H.E. Bashir on Seven-Day African Visit (Africa)



April 4, 2012Former JICA President Mrs. Ogata Looks Back on Her Term
April 1, 2012It's been a long and exciting journey.
December 27, 20112011: The Year in Review
An Interview with President Sadako Ogata
September 26, 2011Presidential Statement on the Situation in the Horn of Africa
December 27, 20102010: The Year in Review
An Interview with President Sadako Ogata
October 6, 2010"Human Progress and Biodiversity Should be Mutually Supportive"
September 3, 2010Speech at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies: Asia in the Era of Globalization and Prospect for Japan-China Relations
June 3, 2010Opening of the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology
Science and Technology–Challenges in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa
April 23, 2010Between Conflict Prevention and Peace Building: Evaluating International Responses
November 7, 2009Keynote Speech at the International Symposium:Challenges of State-building in Asia -Global Responsibility in Development Cooperation of Japan and Germany-
September 28, 2009Opening Remark at the Tokyo Seminar on Indonesia 2009
June 30, 2009Peace and Development in Africa: Upholding the Conditions
June 3, 2009Speech at the "Global Leadership Studies Program" in the University of Tokyo on June 3, 2009
June 3, 2009Remarks by JICA President Sadako Ogata at the Second CARD General Meeting
May 25, 2009President Ogata held a press briefing at the Japan National Press Club on May 25 to discuss the achievements of 'New JICA' during its first six months and other international problems
January 26, 2009Commitments and Challenges toward Inclusive and Dynamic Development
January 13, 2009President Sadako Ogata recently addressed JICA staff on the accomplishment of the agency in 2008 and its challenges in the new year
November 28, 2008Speech at the JICA Research Institute Inaugural Meeting on Nov. 25, 2008
November 6, 2008Speech by JICA President Sadako Ogata, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of Japan at the inaugureation of the Kabul International Air Terminal
October 15, 2008New JICA New Challenges Toward Inclusive and Dynamic Development By Sadako Ogata President of JICA
October 3, 2008JICA Says It Will Open New Office in Iraq Soon to Help That Country Try to Recover from Years of War
October 2, 2008President Ogata Discusses Future Challenges
June 11, 2008Speech at the National University of Rwanda on June 10, 2008, Butare, Rwanda
May 29, 2008TICAD IV Speech: Expanding Partnerships: Asia-Africa
May 23, 2008A Speech Delivered in Tokyo on May 23, 2008, to an International Health Symposium
Feburary 20, 2008Present Conditions and Perspective of African Development from the View Point of Human SecurityFrancais
January 4, 2008A New Year's Message from President Ogata
November 8, 2007Wilton Park Speech: Development Cooperation and Human SecurityFrancaisEspan~ol
June 25, 2007Oxford Speech: Japan's Development Assistance and the New ChallengeFrancaisEspan~ol
May 26, 2007JICA President Calls for Increased Development Assistance and Promotion of Human Security
May 24, 2007JICA-Philippines Meeting
March 9, 2007JICA President Outlines Relations between India and Her Agency
December 1, 2006JICA at a "Historical Turning Point"
September 21, 2006 Results of President Ogata's Visit to the PhilippinesFrancaisEspan~ol


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